Tue. May 21st, 2024
Few Ways to Include Your African Heritage in Interior Decoration Inspirations for Home

Of late, the world is beaming with joy and pride when it comes to increasing their culture and showcasing it in bold or subtle ways within their homes to make the home one that is steeped in the culture of the true traditions of their ancestral beauty and beliefs. You, too, can buy African prints and homewares from the best homeware shops online in the UK – The Cornrow! 

Suppose you are a home stager or interior decorator who comes across clients who are proud of their heritage and want to showcase it in their home decor. In that case, these tips will come in handy to help you create an atmosphere within homes that are perfect for African people. Yes, we understand that some of your clientele are inspired by the bold step that Tiffany Haddish displayed in her outfit of choice for the Oscars – one that pays homage to her father’s Eritrean roots and wants to do the same for their interior decorations. 

Here’s how you can use bold and subtle elements in various corners of your home to pay respect and homage to their African roots: 

  • Display African Inspired Door Wreaths

Gone are the days when wreaths are used only to decorate doors during Christmas, Halloween or caskets at a funeral service! As an African origin in the UK, you can use bold African inspired door wreaths that use African colour palettes and masks as a way of showing off one’s heritage to anyone who comes by one’s home. Clearly, they don’t even have to step inside your home to know that you are proudly African.

  • Use African Print Bedding

Africa uses many different bold colours that showcase their colourful lifestyle. Their lifestyle is vibrant and colourful to a point where all of these colours bring a certain joy into space and make it playful. If you are someone who isn’t shy of colours and unable to go all out embracing the vibrancy of these colours, Then using African print bedding in all of your bedrooms or guest bedrooms is a great way to embrace your culture. In fact, you could start your kids up on their journey to understand their ancestral culture by using these African print weddings bought from the best homeware shops online in the UK on your kid’s beddings.

  • Display African Print Throw Pillows and Floor Pillow Covers

If you are someone who loves a minimal look in your home and doesn’t want to go all out with the vibrant and bold colours, you could use African print throw pillows and floor pillow covers as a highlight and contrast to your neutral tone set up. This is a great way to add dimension and texture into your room and living spaces without immersing once fully in the culture. You could also use highlight elements such as African print tableware and napkins if you are the sort of people who love entertaining guests in your home space. You could pair these African print fabric napkins, table runners and placemats along with African inspired food to create an understanding of your culture with your friends and family.

These are some of the ways that you can as part of your home decor inspirations in the coming year and more.

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