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Straw hats came into existence after the middle ages in Asia and Europe during summers. A straw hat is a functional wardrobe staple made of straw-like materials extracted from various plants and synthetics. This timeless fashionable hat acts as a cushion and can protect you from the sun. It is one of the most popular designs you can find with any Cap Manufacturer.

However, straw hats come in different styles, and both men and women can wear them. So, If you are travelling to places, you must carry American Made Straw Hats with you for a more stylish and classy look.

Here are some types of straw hats that you should know to ease your fashion game.

1. Panama Straw Hats

Panama hats are handwoven and originate from Ecuador. It is an expensive fine hat that is formed from plaited leaves of the carludovica palmata plant.

Due to its design and materials, it has been the most popular hat that can surely make your entire look charming. Thus, you can determine the quality of Panama by its density of the weave and the straw used.

2. Boater Hat

A straw boater is a classic hat formed from a sennit (a stiff, flat straw). It consists of a brim, a rigid flat crown striped by a grosgrain ribbon that makes it look distinct.

However, the boater hats were made to complete the summer look and are particularly worn by men. Boater is also known by other names like cady, skimmer, straw boater, somer etc.

3. Salakot

Salakot is a cone-shaped or dome-shaped headgear that is light in weight and made up of materials like bottle gourd, rattan, bamboo and nito ferns. They have an appearance like a helmet and are way more effective in saving you from rain and sunlight.

Although, it has been iconic wear in the fashion world and is truly stylish. Therefore, for enhancing your wardrobe, you must have a salakot hat.

4. Buntal Hat

A buntal hat is made from the fibre that was extracted from Buri palm leaves in the Philippines. This straw hat is quite common and comes in wast designs.

It has a silky texture and is lightweight. You can also wear these hats with informal attire or a semi-formal barong Tagalog. Moreover, a brutal hat is highly durable and one of the finest straw hats you can get.

5. Conical Hat

A conical hat is a type of straw hat that originated in Southeast Asia. The hat features a chinstrap and an inner band formed from rattan, nito, buri straw, nipa leaves etc. This hat symbolizes charm for the people of Vietnam.

The Bottom Line

Straw hats are great for completing your summer look while protecting you from sunlight. They are stylish and light-weighted, which too makes them breathable. You could wear the Panama straw hats with an informal and a formal outfit as well.

Moreover, hats have been in trend since ancient civilization and would continue to rule in the future. American Made Straw Hats are highly superior and are available in different designs and styles.

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