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Today, the need to filter water is becoming direr. Sometimes, the municipal water that flows through the tap has an odor, or browning, or a funny taste. It would be evident that you need a water filtration system in your home for any of these signs. Sometimes, though, the water looks and tastes just fine. However, there could be many disease-causing pathogens that are invisible to the eye. These microorganisms can cause illnesses. In some cases, the impurities present in the water could be harmless to health but wreak havoc on appliances and fixtures. That’s why you see the clothes discoloring, the electrical kettle forming white residues and deposits on the tap. In the worst cases, pipes clog. If you observe any of these situations, it would mean that your water needs a filtration system. This article expounds more on these briefly mentioned signs.

  • The water tastes bad

It is common to have the water that flows through your tap having an unpleasant taste. This water problem could be caused by many factors. One factor is dealing with hard water. Some of the regions in the world that have hard water will always have bad-tasting water flowing through the taps. However hard the municipality tries to treat the water, the dissolved salt content will always make the water have a weird taste. Another factor behind the bad taste in water is chlorine. Many municipalities use chlorine to treat water, but this leaves the water with a funny taste. If your water tastes bad, that is a sign that you need a water filtration system that will remove the dissolved salt contents.

  • The house you live in was constructed before or in the early 1980s

Another factor that could signal you that you need a water filtration system in your home is this: the house you live in was built in the early 1980s, i.e., any time from 1985 backward. Why is this the case? Before 1986, lead metal would present in water pipes, and no precautions would be taken to remedy this. However, 1n 1986, the US Congress banned lead from being present in water pipes. Therefore, the lead-based pipes were no longer in use since then, and home construction pipes would not use lead solders to fix the copper pipe joints. Now, if your house was built any time before 1986, there could be a risk of lead leakage into your water due to the use of lead-based pipes.

  • Your clothes looking dingy

have you been noticing that your brightly colored clothes look dingy and are slowly losing their original color after washing? Well, that too might be a sign that you need a home water filtration system. Sometimes, the tap water has iron traces, leaving a rusty hue on the clothes and discoloring them. Hard water also leaves your clothes dull and grey. If that happens, it would be a signal that you need a whole-house water treatment system.

  • Your source of home water is well

If you are living on well water, you definitely need a home water filtration system. Although some private well owners will try to treat the water before directing it to your system, this may not just be enough. This is because the activated carbon filters most well owners use are not efficient in filtering off the well water’s impurities. The carbon filters will effectively remove the lighter heavy-duty filtration substances like chlorine and lead, but not the harmful arsenic & other heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, and other toxins. Therefore, as a consumer of the well water, you will need to complement the system using reverse osmosis filters. This way, you will be safeguarding your family’s health while drinking safe and sweet-tasting water with no odor.

  • You must scrub surfaces thoroughly

We all love a clean house, but when we have to scrub the bathtub or sink thoroughly before it can look good, then the home water needs a filtration system. Such a problem as the one discussed above is typical for hard water. Hard water leaves surfaces looking dull and forming white residues since the salt contents do not work well and rinse off with soap and detergents. Additionally, suppose you have to add more soap to your clothes for the foam to form. In that case, that could also be an indicator of water hardness which necessitates a filtration system.


While some regions might receive dirty water, your water may look and taste just fine. However, this does not mean the water is safe for use. When you see your clothes appearing dingy after washing or feel your tap water tasting weird, that may be a wake-up call. Sometimes, you may notice that surfaces are dull, and you have to scrub them thoroughly for them to be clean, or you have to use more soap for your clothes to have foam. Alternatively, you could be living on well water or live in a house constructed before 1986. Any of these signs will mean that you need to act quickly by installing a water filtration system for your home.




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