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Your room should be completely dark when it is time for bed. You can get a dark room by using blackout curtains or blinds, an eye mask, or an additional window dressing.

The temperature in your room should be ambient. You won’t get quality sleep if the room is too cold or too hot. The best temperature is around 16-18 degrees Celsius (60-65 degrees Fahrenheit)

When your room is tidy, your mind is also tidy… which allows you to get a restful night’s sleep. You should make time for de-cluttering the room and making your space clean. You can make a lot of difference, even if it is just stacking some books, relocating the laundry basket, or adjusting furniture positions.

You shouldn’t have technology in your bedroom. You shouldn’t have a computer or TV in your bedroom. Switch off your mobile phone when you want to sleep. Using your phone in bed makes it harder for you to sleep.

LED displays can disrupt your sleep and make you get poor quality of sleep. You shouldn’t have any tech gadgets in your bedroom because you will be tempted to use them. Switch off your tablet, phone, or alarm clocks with digital displays.

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Your room should be used for only sleep and sex. You shouldn’t make it an extension of your house. Don’t use it for watching TV, work, eating, or even talking on the phone. 

There are some special touches you can add to the space that is going to make it more peaceful and you will feel more connected with the room. Plants, family photographs, ornaments, and flowers are some of the things you can use to make the room more relaxing and pleasant.

When decorating your room, avoid certain colors suggests Justin Barrett. Colors like yellow, bright yellow, and orange are considered jarring, while whites and browns are drab and boring. You should go for soft, muted tones that make you feel calm.

Some smells affect mood, and you should choose those that make you feel more relaxed and calmer. Germanium and lavender are naturally calming, so consider getting yourself some essential oils. You shouldn’t use them in a children’s room or when pregnant.

Take some time to focus on your bedroom. You need to know that it is up to you to take care of yourself. You should make your sleeping environment conducive and relaxing. Ensure your mattress is comfortable and supportive, read this Nectar mattress review, and consider an upgrade. Make your home sleep-friendly so you can boost your well-being.

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