Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has made tremendous counterattack over the Rafael deal. He said that Congress was missing the deal Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has made tremendous counterattack over the Rafael deal. He said that Congress was missing the deal that was done two and a half years ago at the time of Gujarat elections. Suddenly in gujrat election congress recollected his meomory Taking a dig at the Congress, he said that this time the opposition has changed color several times. As the election begins, the anti-development Congress has started making fun of development.He said that this is the way of Congress. BJP believes that election campaign can not be successful in this way. Actually, Congress Vice President raised questions about Rafael Deal. The Finance Minister said that the people of the country and the Gujarat are expecting a good future. We are standing firmly with our party. He said that Congress has tried to divide society to win this election. Because of this Congress shaking hand with The forces became fascinated, which could spread chaos only in the state. He said that Gujarat has already suffered due to such anarchy. Therefore, public’s of gujrat know everything they will not go direction in which congress is showing. He said that Gujarat, always , liked development they will go in development ways. Now development has become the state of choice every gujrati. This election is being fought between good governance and anarchy. Said that the Congress election campaign is anarchy. The Congress leadership has lost his way and is living in fantasies. This is the reason why Congress leaders are talking about 17,000 schools lesss in Gujarat they don’t have topic now, he rejected the Congress allegations in which the party had said that the BJP government had given Rs 1,35,000 crore of industrialists Have forgiven The Finance Minister said that Congress should give proof of the fact that the government has waived the debts of industrialists of one lakh 35 thousand crore rupees. Congress leader should present wrong facts in front of public Jaitley said that the Rafael deal could not be finish during the UPA government, which is proof that the previous government was a non-performing government. This was weakening the aggressive capacity of the IAF. needed. So we have done this deal soon. He said that now it is not understood that Rafael Deal has been two and a half years old, but why did not the Congress raise this question during that period? How did the Congress remember the Rafael Deal Congress in Gujarat elections? The Finance Minister said that the Congress should remember that the people of Gujarat are not fool. He said that now Congress has kept a formula for reservations, which is impossible under the Constitution. The Congress is making promises, they can never be fulfilled. Such promises are also against the Constitution. He said that both those people making such promises and accepting are cheating with the people of Gujarat. He said that in such a situation, those belive in chaos and anarchy are with congress Taking a jibe at Rahul Gandhi, Jaitley said, “Parliament session was called from December 15, which will run till 5 January. I am sorry that Rahul Gandhi can not go abroad this time in the New Year party. “]]>

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