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The leading professional social network in France with nearly 17 million members, using LinkedIn has become an obligation when you are an IT freelance . gives you here 3 tips to increase your chances of finding a freelance assignment with linkedin.

Optimize your profile to find a job with linkedin

This is the basis. It is essential to take care of your profile to find a freelance assignment on linkedin. It’s your best business card.

  • Choose a professional, authentic, likeable and confident profile photo (neutral background, full face portrait photo)
  • Personalize the presentation banner, choosing a key image, giving elements about your professional activity taking care of your computer freelance bio linkedin by indicating your specialization and your value proposition
  • Be impactful on your summary. It must be as attractive as possible. With 2000 words of presentation, you can detail your skills, your area of ​​expertise.
  • Absolutely fill in your details and customize your default URL, which will make you more visible and it will be easier to share

If you have a relevant website, blog, portfolio , register them! It will support your expertise and your visibility to find a freelance assignment with linkedin.

You must fill in all the fields of your profile. It must be 100% full. So, do not neglect your professional experiences with the dates, the name of the companies, the details of the activities that you have carried out as well as the results that you have obtained.

You can enter up to 50 skills on your freelance profile on linkedin. Consider having these skills validated by your professional relations to have more impact!

A 100% completed profile allows you to receive 40 times more opportunities to find a freelance assignment with linkedin. Read our article on How to showcase your freelance activity with linkedin( [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2]) .

Create a network to find a freelance assignment with linkedin

To create a valuable network and thus be able to find a freelance assignment with linkedin, you have to know how to highlight the services you offer. You have 2 options with linkedin:

  • The free version where you will be limited in your contact searches
  • The paid version, “Premium Business” is an investment, but as soon as you want to use the social network for the purpose of prospecting, customer follow-up or recruitment, it becomes really interesting.

There are 4 different versions with monthly subscription on the paid linkedin version. Count between € 26.39 and € 89.94 / month to use these premium versions (careers, business, sales, recruitment).

The first month of subscription is free for the 4 premium versions of linkedin. This can allow you to test it and see if the many additional features are relevant to your activity as a freelance consultant on linkedin.

Be careful, do not test the premium version without having optimized your profile to 100% and having a minimum of 50 connections in your network.

To do this, use one of the features of Linkedin by directly importing your contacts and inviting them to join your network. Go to the “Network” tab, then on the left banner, click on “[pii_email_bc0906f15818797f9ace]”, then more options.

You can also add your old colleagues, clients, partners and even new cross relationships during a workshop, professional event or freelance networking.

Set a goal of a contact quota per day; personalize your connection requests for more impact and benefits. Thus, you will more easily find a freelance assignment with linkedin.

Request recommendations to find a freelance assignment with linkedin

To find a linkedin freelance assignment, dare to ask for recommendations from your clients and / or former partners. As soon as you complete an assignment or a project and your client or partner with whom you have collaborated is satisfied, do not hesitate to solicit them by asking them to leave you a comment on your freelance Linkedin profile.

You will be able to highlight your latest services and have credibility on your professional freelance IT skills. The satisfaction of your customers will allow you to have the confidence of your network and thus, make you more easily recommended by “word of mouth”.

It is one of the most powerful vectors of professional opportunities. As an IT freelancer, use the recommendations to speed up your chances of finding a freelance assignment with linkedin:

  • Valorization of your work
  • Added value for your linkedin freelance profile
  • Enhanced professional credibility
  • Your network will trust you

As you will have understood, it is essential to keep your freelance profile alive on linkedin, to update it frequently and to communicate with your network. You will thus get your LinkedIn network used to reading you. A relationship of trust will be created to create quality professional opportunities. Read our article on How to find a Freelance mission through Web Agencies

Knowing how to use this social network when you are an IT consultant makes it easier to find a freelance assignment with LinkedIn. Linkedin is a powerful marketing tool. Work on your personal branding , communicate with your network, get involved!

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