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If you have lost your android phone ever in life, you will know what that feeling is like. The heart will sink into the stomach and the ultimate panic follows. You start looking for your phone everywhere!

Firstly, you begin checking your work bag or purse. You look underneath the bed and anywhere in between the cushions. You also run to check if it’s on a charger. But no, you don’t found the smartphone anywhere.

At the loss of ideas on how to find lost android phone, you begin to backtrack your last few steps. The phone is not in the kitchen or bathroom. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, relax you aren’t alone. But what do you do when you turn an apartment or house upside down trying to look for the phone, and still you can not find that?

Thankfully, there are numerous ways for you to find the missing android phone. So, let’s take a long breath and use the built-in tools of Android to help you get your phone that is missing.

1.Trace Android phone using Google account

The very first way for one to find their lost Android phone is the simplest and easiest one on the list. It is also a very common technique for finding the missing Android phone. Google owns the Android, thus, they all come alongside specific Google applications pre-installed, that include Google Maps, Google Play Store & Gmail.

If you’re logged into the Google account on a PC’s web browser, then finding the Android is very easy. Open the web browser on a PC and on google type “where is my phone” or “find my Android.”

And the very first result will be the map alongside the location that’s last known of your Android phone.

2.Tracking your phone through the phone’s manufacturer

Do not worry in case, you do not have an account on Google- still, there are options for you to find a lost Android phone! The majority of Androids have tracking applications or some other way using which you can find the missing phone. A prominent feature of iOS 15 is the ability to hide IP addresses on iPhone.

3.Tracking Android phone via wireless carrier

The majority of the wireless carriers would direct one to Find My Device of Google to locate their lost Android mobile. When your Android phone is lost or stolen, and you’ve no ways to get your phone back, you may also report that as stolen/missing through the wireless carrier’s app or site. You may even remotely erase or lock your device.

4.Tracking your phone using a 3rd-party application

Out of many popular 3rd-party applications Life 360 Fam Locator is one of the most reliable apps. One can go on to download the app on each phone in the household and utilize a GPS locator to support one another. One can even share their location with the family, which’s convenient when you’re ever visiting in any unsafe area. It’s also available and accessible on iPhones, thus, if you wish to keep up with the members of family or friends with their iPhones, you may!

5.Tracking your Android with the IMEI no

The IMEI no. is a 15-no. combo that’s unique to their phone only. If you are planning to track the lost or stolen Android phone using the IMEI no., you are required to download the 3rd-party IMEI tracking application, like Find My Device-IMEI Tracking.

However, it is recommended to use the process as the last resort. And it is Find My Device of Google that is generally the finest way for people to find the missing or stolen Android phone. To know anything else about this topic, you may look over the web and gather more information on the same.

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