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If you’re in the Lake Geneva area and you’re looking for the best marina for storing your boat slips or just your watercraft, we’ve found one. But first, we’ll tell you a little bit about things that you may want to consider when you are looking for the best marinas to use. Most boating marinas only offer rentals, fuels, and docking stations, but some even offer boat sales just like a used car lot, as well as various amenities and little shops so you can grab a soda and snacks on the way in for your trip out.

Why Having More than One Feature is Important

Think about it, you’ve been out on your boat all afternoon and you need something other than an ice-cold alcoholic beverage because you shouldn’t drink and drive your boat. That’s where a marina offering some snacks and drinks can come in handy. You can pull your boat in and take a little break with ease.

What about Boat Sales?

Some marinas offer actual boat sales lots. This is basically a way that you can see a wide array of ships of all sizes, and you may even be able to not only find a good boat, but you’ll also be able to take yours in and have it properly maintained and cared for at their service shop if need be. Your boat’s health is as important as your car’s when you’re on the water and use it regularly; be sure to take care of it as such.

Make Sure They Have Experience

When you’re pulling up to a new marina, sometimes you may have your doubts and suspicions. The best marinas have been around for decades, as you’ll find out when you’re wanting to park your yacht in a quality controlled space so you know your precious water toy is safe. Not only that, but they’ll offer more amenities and conveniences if they’ve been around for a while so they’ll have more stocked.

Can I Rent a Boat?

A lot of marinas don’t just offer sales lots, but you can often rent boats there. From jet skis all the way to pontoons, you can find a great big variety at the best marinas. Just be sure to have the proper things necessary like an operator’s license so you know how to properly operate a boat. Also, depending on your location, you may want to choose to bring either cash or if they take credit cards, you may be able to choose one of those too.


When you’re looking for a great marina that’s been around since the 1980’s and provides boat sales, a full-service station, excellent storage opportunities that are available all year round, boat rentals, and more. For over 30 years, they’ve been providing excellent service to the Lake Geneva community, and have numerous customers who are always satisfied with the way they do things. You can book your rentals and even your parking space now so you don’t have to fight for the space later on their website at!

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