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Womens jeansWomens jeans

Finding the perfect pair of Womens jeans in a real brick and mortar store is already difficult. And looking for it online can be an added challenge! After all, it seems quite complicated to gauge the fit of the jeans based on just a few images. Of course, it really looks nice on the model but will it look the same for you in real life? That last thing you want is to deal with an “expectations vs reality” situation.


That being said, though the quest for the perfect jeans online can be tricky, it is not an impossible mission. With so many promos and sales online, it is indeed better to take advantage of virtual deals. With a few nifty tricks, you can nail that perfect pair of denim jeans while e-shopping. Here’s how!


Know Your Exact Measurements


More than just the standard size, you have to know the exact measurements of your waist, hips, and inseam. With the help of a standard tape measure, you can get the right numbers in less than a minute. If you don’t own this device, then improvise with a string. You can just tie it around your waist and measure the string later on with your ruler. Take note of the following details:

  • Waist:Look for the smallest part of your torso, nestled in between your breast area and belly button.
  • Hips:In contrast, this is the widest part of your torso, falling somewhere down the lowest portion of your pants zipper.
  • Inseam:Get the distance from your inner thigh to the bottom of your ankle, or where you want the jeans to fall if you’re wearing heels.

Another nifty trick is to take your favorite pair of jeans and measure them instead. Pay attention to the details mentioned above. Find out the exact numerical values so you can look for those when you’re shopping online.

Check the Size Guide

Every online store has a size guide. Check out these size charts per item because it can vary depending on the brand you’re checking out. When online shopping, your jean size should be the same as your waistline. Make sure to compare all the details that you measure to the one on the size chart. To get the right fit, they must match. Read the product descriptions to make sure that you don’t miss out on any detail. Everyone loves a great-fitting pair of jeans.

Take Note of the Material

When shopping online, you can’t feel the fabric, so you must read about it. It’s not enough to look at the pictures because variations in light and LCD monitor can affect what you perceive. It is best to read up on the material components of the Women’s jeans you want to buy to ensure you get the right one. If you want stretchier jeans, look for something with elastane or spandex. Usually, these types are more forgiving because they stretch out to conform to your body shape.

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Read Up On the Store Policies

Even if you exercise diligence, you may end up with a product you don’t like. That’s normal because you won’t be able to cast final judgment until you try on the product. It is best to work with a company that offers seamless returns and exchanges. After all, a reputable and considerate company understands that you want to try something first in the flesh. Hence, if it doesn’t work out, they don’t levy expensive restocking fees. It is best to work with an online store that offers free shipping, returns, and exchanges so you can find the perfect denim jeans that fit like a glove.

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