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Escape RoomEscape Room

When you play this exciting and challenging real-life adventure game, you have one straightforward goal: Escape in 60 minutes! Players must work together to find clues, solve ciphers, and unravel puzzles to find out how to escape before time runs out. It’s a challenging real-life adventure for those who want to experience something truly out of the ordinary!

We are proud to have been the very FIRST Escape Room in the Region of NWI. We started with a passion to bring people an incredible new experience. We’ve worked hard to learn how to make incredible games and great experiences. Over 50,000 people have played our games and had a BLAST! Check our reviews. We make great games and we never settle! If you want a truly fantastic Escape room experience, Escape rooms in NWI .

The Vault Escape Room

Your group enters the lobby of Safe Holdings Bank, but some of your friends are being held hostage in the bank’s vault! It’s up to you to get them out, but they will help, too. They’ve got a lot to solve and both groups need to work together in unique ways to free the hostages. After you free the hostages (usually half-way through), your entire group will work together to achieve the final task – it’s heart-pumping excitement! This escape room can work with a minimum of 4 people, but the optimum group size is between 6 – 10.

Redbeard’s Quest

Designed for kids 10 – 14 years old!  Or family fun with kids and adults!

Parents, step aside while your child explores a pirate-themed adventure, solving clues and riddles that will hopefully lead them to their objective: find Redbeard’s treasures!  Kids will work fast and furious to find the three treasures of the Cedar Lake Sea in time – all while using teamwork and communication skills! 60-minute adventure inside the Ball family lake house. The last remaining Ball family member has created a unique task in hopes of finding a proper heir to the Ball family fortune. He’s not made it easy, though; only the most fitting heirs will inherit this fortune. Could it be you?

Under The Stars

Is a very immersive escape room!  You have gone hiking with your friends and you are now lost in Whispering Woods.  You need to work together as a team and use the sky to find your way out before the sun comes up! This room is a mix of tech as well as locks! This room can hold  2-6 people.  Under The Stars is not a scary escape room!

Our group had a great time here. It was the first time for any of us at an Escape Room, however, the guide/moderator did a great job explaining to us how it would work. We made it through and had a fun time figuring out all the puzzles within puzzles. The price of $25/person is more than I would typically spend on entertainment.  However, it is on par with other escape rooms in the area and is not unreasonable considering the amount of time that must be spent setting up the room(s). It was certainly worth it for the experience we had.



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