How To Entertain Your Kids In Quarantine With Music

We all know that COVID-19 has been hard on us. It has been especially hard on the children. With the schools closed around the world, children have had to find their entertainment elsewhere. Since children quickly get bored, parents have to come up with new ways to keep them entertained.

But, parents have to juggle working from home with parenting during the lockdown. And watching reruns of Peppa Pig no longer cut it for your child. Experts suggest using this golden opportunity to teach your children some new skills. And the best talent they can learn is to play a musical instrument. 

The Benefits Of Learning Music:

According to experts, learning to play an instrument can improve the mental processes of your children. Children who play an instrument are more creative and have a better memory compared to other children. A 2016 study by the Brain and Creativity Institute found that childhood music experiences can improve language and reading skills. Another study found a strong correlation between learning to play a musical instrument and improvement in mathematical learning. And when you expose children to music early in their lives, they get better at identifying the meanings of words.

Furthermore, learning a skill during childhood teaches children the benefits of patent, hard work, and perseverance. Children learn that by putting in the time, they can achieve their goals. 

Additionally, music ignites the social-emotional literacy centers of your child. It helps the mind and the body to work together for a healthy life. And if your child is looking for a way to express themselves, then there is no better way than through music. 

Last, music brings people joy. So, your child will become a healthy, joyful adult. Children of all ages express their emotions with music. While infants may bounce or sway to the music, older kids may learn to sing and dance with their friends. 

What Can You Do To Entertain Children With Music?

  • Sign them up for Music Lessons:

Quarantine is an excellent time to polish up some skills or learn new things. Therefore, it is the best time for you to enroll in music lessons for kids. The best thing is that your child can learn a new instrument from the comfort of their home. Some institutions also offer classes at reduced rates to those in need. Suppose you do not think that online learning is beneficial for your child. In that case, they have the option to attend in-person classes at musical centers. Most centers follow strict SOPs to reduce the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks.

  • Play a musical game:

Playtime with your little one can become a lot more fun if you play musical games with them. Introduce games such as musical chairs or limbo to help your child enjoy indoors. You do not even need much equipment for this one. Just get a music player and some chairs to get the party started.  

  • Dance it all off:

If your little one has too much energy to sit still, then you can have a dance party with them. Go through online streaming services for a child-friendly playlist. Then set the mood by dimming the lights and having a dance-off. Another great idea is to have an animal dance party. You can also mix it up by choreographing different moves to get your child up and moving.

  • Have a Karaoke Competition:

Does your child fancy themselves a diva? Then help them channel their inner pop star by investing in a karaoke machine. It is endless fun, and it can sometimes be quite entertaining. You can also tape your sing along to watch it later with your friends and family. Some families have gotten famous overnight because of their excellent sing-along videos. 

  • Watch some Ballet:

Does your child miss ballet classes? While dance schools remain closed due to COVID-19, your child no longer has to suffer. They can watch ballet recitals online on any streaming service. The Royal Opera House presents a new ballet performance every week on their YouTube channel with magical performances. 

  • DIY percussion:

Your little one can learn and make some noise at the same time. Introduce the wonders of physics to your child by building a percussion set from everyday objects. You can use almost anything to let your little one have a play. Indeed, some people even use satellite dishes as cymbals. The Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity recommends using old pots and pans to make a racket. 

  • Watch a Musical:

Musicals are the best thing on earth. Where else would you get heartfelt songs, eye-catching choreography, and a gripping story rolled into one? So, watch a musical with your little one to introduce them to the magical world of Broadway theatre. We recommend sitting through a bit of Hamilton for a musical with a splash of a history lesson. 

  • Bake a music-themed cake:

We might be technically cheating with this one but hear us out. Baking music-themed cakes will not only keep your children fed, but it will also help you spend an enjoyable evening with them. Go through online recipes for ideas on how to make cakes for virtuosos. 


You can also add music and laughter to your child’s life with other activities. Sing to your toddlers before they sleep to promote love for music in them. Introduce little songs to everyday chores to battle the monotony of daily life. No matter what you do, remember to spend time with them. 

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