FIVE Calling Card

Five card is a calling card which is used to make calls from UAE to different countries such as Pakistan, India and other countries. it is voice over internet protocol card, legal in UAE. It provides the cheapest calling rates in UAE to call internationally. Five card works on one the best telecom groups in UAE known as Etisalat. You can use this card on landline and on your phone. People using this card face no risk to lose credit.

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This card allows to you to select from three denominations which are AED 15, AED 30 AND AED50. It comes in three formats which are SMS-pin, scratch card and e-Voucher. It has dedicated call centres which are multilanguage. To make a call to their call centre you can dial 800 544. You can also find it at online stores or on different websites in UAE. In UAE you can buy this card from 6000+ shops. If you are five card customer using their prepaid service then you can also use reserve credit service. It is a service that allows you to send message via SMS and make calls locally or internationally even after running out of balance. It has different rates for different countries. you can buy these cards online by using apple pay, visa card or master card and PayPal. 

How to use Five Card in UAE:

In order to call with the help of five card you need to follow these steps


  • Step1: You need to dial at 800-505
  • Step2: First you need to enter the PIN-CODE which is given, after entering the pin code you will press hashtag (#). Now along with the country code enter dial number and then press hashtag (#). 


For example

800500(pin-code) # country code xxxxxxxx #.

From the day of getting this card it will be valid for the till next 6 months.

Pin code will be valid till 20 days from when you made your first call with this card. 

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FIVE SIM card: 

It offers affordable mobile data packages and also the cheapest rates for international calls. 

How to recharge Five Card: 

Recharge Vouchers from Etisalat will be used to recharge which you can find anywhere in UAE, you just need to dial 120 in order to recharge. You can check your balance by dialling *121#. 

You also get bonus on recharge. If you recharge AED50 and more then you’ll get 30% bonus, if you recharge AED 15-49 then you’ll get 20% bonus and if AED below 15 then there’s no bonus. 

International Packages provided by Five Card:

They also provide International packages for their customers.

You need to select any country you like and call any number you want. You will also get 500 international minutes; the prices will start from 49 AED minimum. These packs will not be self-renewed. These are valid for 28 days only. You can subscribe the packs by dialling *135*80#. 

Daily IDD packages:

For the subscription of daily package, you need to dial *101*24#. In 5 AED per day, you can enjoy 50 minutes with this. It will finish after 24 hours. 

Weekly and Monthly packages:

For weekly and monthly packages, you need to dial *135*90#. 

Data Packages:

For the subscription of data packages, you have to dial *135# via USSD from you five card. 

With this code you can also track your allowance and subscriptions or if you want to unsubscribe any pack. Everyday data and FIVE sim combo packs can also be subscribed by using this code. 

You can monitor your remaining balance if you dial *170#. We hope you enjoyed this read and have learned something new as that is our main goal. We would always continue to serve you with amazing web content as the foremost and award-winning Website Design Company Dubai.


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