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money onlineFive ways for college students to make money online

During college, everyone can do with a little extra cash. But how to make these bucks while attending classes, undertaking tests, and participating in fun activities? The Internet has made this easier for us, just like every other thing. College students can easily make a significant difference by online work. Here are a few ways you can earn money online without jeopardizing your grades and other commitments.

Become a Loan Signing Agent

Many people, especially college students, have not heard of this online earning source. That means there is ample space for any newcomer. Working as a loan signing agent can easily bring you a per hour income between $75 and $150. There are no time restrictions; you get to set your own timetable. All you need to be a signing agent is a notary commission for which you need to submit an application.

Moreover, getting a job in this regard is easy. You just have to crunch your name in a database. You will receive a call when the opportunity/appointment comes up in your vicinity. This gig does not require any particular skill, as you just need to guide a person through loan paperwork. Just tell them where they need to sign and where to enter the date.

However, it is still better to get equipped with proper training. Many online courses are available that guide you on becoming a loan signing agent. They teach everything from getting a notary commission, getting the job done, and securing the relevant jobs.

Freelance Writing

This is one of the most common and well-paying online gigs. If you write well and enjoy doing it, this job is for you. Creativity matters in writing, but most of the time having immaculate grammar and the ability to conduct research is more important. So, even if you do not consider yourself a very creative writer but can write with perfect syntax and grammar, you are a perfect fit for writing jobs. You can also consider launching your own blog and earning through platforms like Adsense. Make sure that you are choosing the right niche.  

The good thing about this job is that you only need an internet connection and a PC/laptop. One can easily make money from freelance writing by giving it two to three hours every day. Most of the writing gigs include blogs, articles, and web copies. Some jobs require you to write summaries of long research articles or books. You can pick one as per your interest and skill. If you want long-term projects that offer money in bulk after a set period of time, go for ebook writing. You do not necessarily need specialist knowledge to write one, but do search online about the format and pattern of an e-book.

Data Entry

This is a simple online job, ideal for students, as it requires just typing and basic computer knowledge. You need to focus on accuracy and speed. Developing speed is not an issue because once you start doing it, you will become fast eventually. Practice makes perfect, remember?

This job involves typing and entering data accurately in software, mostly MS Excel. This is a well-paying job, especially for those students who do not have a notable skill. You can easily find data entry jobs on various websites like People Per Hour and Smart Crowd.


This gig is highly suited for students who take pride in their impeccable grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure—the grammar Nazis if you may. But what matters even more than these traits is attention to detail. If you have good grammar but you do not have an eye for details, this is not the right job for you. The literature students can take it up a notch and start offering editing and review services as well. Apart from the literary gigs, other proofreading jobs involve reading court verbatim, meeting minutes, and the work of researchers and scholars.

Social Media Manager

Most of us spend hours on social media, which are not even accounted for in our routine. Why not get paid for this time? In this day and age, almost every business, celebrity, journalist, and coach, etc. have a social media presence. They need help managing it for which they consult social media managers.

Businesses hire people to spread brand awareness, curate content, respond to queries, and develop connections with potential customers. Other entities like celebrities and journalists hire people to curate content so that they can stay relevant for their audience. The job of a social media manager is to become the online voice of an entity. You can find these jobs on job boards and freelance platforms.

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