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Are you one of those people who is looking forward to get their hands on a premium digital business card but is reluctant to do so?

Then we surely have you covered.

In the guide below, we have tried to cover each and everything that you might need to know about these digital business cards.Surely custom stationery for business is still important, but digital cards are also a popular trend now.

With that being said, if we managed to change up your mind and you finally decide to opt one for yourself, then you can surely create one with smart business card maker.

What is a digital business card?

As one can easily guess by the name, a digital business card or a virtual card happens to be an electronic transition of the traditional paper business cards.

In much simpler words, digital business cards is a thing of the modern era, that’s produced to eradicate the use of paper business card from the face of the world.

For the perks and worth these digital business card comes with, they have surely made the life of business owner and young entrepreneurs much easier.

When you owns a digital business card, it becomes much easier for you to share personnel information and details about your company within your clientele.

Digital business card makes sure to maximise your presence at the internet, and enable you to get better business opportunities.

Listing the feature of digital business card would surely consume the whole area of this article. However one feature that we simply couldn’t resist to tell you is that unlike paper business card, their is no limitation in adding information within your digital business card.

One can add as much personnel info and details as he likes.

However, have you ever thought about what benefits these digital business card holds? You must have, this is why we have provided you in-depth detail of why one should own a digital business card!

Why Should You Use A Digital Business Card?

You might not believe us when we would tell you that the business cards that has been made by paper have been around us from past four centuries.

And since paper is manufactured and textured by woods, this means that in order to create a paper business card, a full chain of deforestation has been going around us from past four centuries.

You can only imagine how many trees might have cut down already, just for creating this one single piece of paper business card.

Now, you might get furious to know the fact that according to a research, about 88 percent of people,sooner or later throw their these paper based business card away.

Considering the crises world is going on these days, this fact only makes us feel more ashamed of ourselves.

Just imagine how brutally tress are cut down just so that people can throw their business cards away!

This is where digital business card comes in handy with. Being totally online based, not a single tree is cut down to manufacturer these masteprieces.

This doesn’t ends here;

Another benefit that these digital business card provide to the users is that, a user don’t need to travel in order to exchange their digital business card with their clientele. As this process is totally online based, one can easily send his digital business card, right into the email of his clientele while sitting at the comfort of his home.

This would not only save your travelling and fuel cost, but while being seated at home and not travelling much lesser, you might contribute to eradicate the global warming being done in the society these days.

One profound advantage this digital business card provide to the users is that a user might not have to spend a lot of his money in getting these business cards.

Unlike paper business card, one might have to design the paper business card himself.

Then give that design to the prinitng department, which will then print your paper business card. This is quite a waste of time and money of the user.

However, getting a digital business card is way more easier. All you need to do is to download and install and digital business card app, choose a template of your liking, add the fonts according to your personnel preference, and your digital business card would be ready to roll wihthin no time.

A Paper business card only allows users to input their contact details, their personnel name, and the name of the company they work for in the design. However, this isn’t the case with the digital business card.

One more profound advantage that a user might receive on a digital business card is that there is no limitation to the amount of data you are looking forward to adding to your business card.

In addition to that;

Digital business card offer users an unlimited amount of customization options.

One can easily make changes within his existing digital business card, without even feeling the need to design a new one for yourself.

Unlike paper business card, if you want to add any new information on it, you might need to order a new one from the printing department, which means more unethical usage of paper.


Considering all the information that we have provided above, we hope that you now may have a complete understanding of what digital business card actually are, and what hidden perks and worth they provide to us.

The advantages provided above of using digital business card over paper business card happens to be universal. We have tried to remain as unbiased as possible. However, when its technology vs human power, technology always wins.

With that being said, digital business card are a thing of the modern era, as soon as you jumped onto it, you would see how productive results you receive!

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