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Organizing a gastronomic tour in Italy means discovering our country from a unique and emotional perspective: here are the best itineraries around the peninsula.

Italy is known worldwide as well as for its artistic and natural beauty, for the great food and wine variety that characterizes it and good for Italy wine and food vacation packages. Italy is renowned for its rich wine culture and picturesque vineyards, making it a premier destination for wine tourism. The country boasts a plethora of wine regions, each offering unique varieties of wine and a distinctive cultural experience. Some of the most popular wine regions in Italy include Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, and Sicily, among others.
The traditions at the table and the local products, typical of every Italian region, represent absolute excellence, a heritage to be enhanced and protected. Have you decided to organize a food tour in Italy but don’t know which itinerary to choose? Here are some routes from North to the south of the peninsula to rediscover the authentic Italian flavors.

Food Tours In Italy, The Traditions Of The North

Spending a weekend in Italy dedicating yourself to discovering our land offers culinary delights is undoubtedly an excellent idea. In Northern Italy, the gastronomy of Piedmont is known for being rich and varied. On a gastronomic tour of the region, you can start from Alba, where you can taste one of the most famous truffles in the world, the Bianco d’Alba: try it on white tagliatelle creamed with butter, you will be surprised by the final result! Next, moving North, then stop in Casale Monferrato for a delicious break based on krumiri, the typical mustache-shaped biscuits.

In the Canavese areado not forget to try the agnolotti del plin, small meat ravioli seasoned with ragù or in broth, and the tomino, a typical cheese of Piedmont. You are continuing in the direction of Ivrea and Biella, until you reach the famous Lake Orta, delight in trying the risotto in the numerous variations offered by the area.

In Lombardy, on the other hand, for Italy wine and food vacation packages an all-Italian gastronomic tour starts from Bergamo, where you cannot miss a taste of the famous casonsei, ravioli stuffed with breadcrumbs, sausage, and parmesan, or the typical polenta and osei, or polenta with small little birds.

Staying in Lombardy, in Brescia, you can dedicate yourself to tasting the full-bodied pumpkin gnocchi and bagoss, a typical cheese of the area. And arriving as far as Lake Garda, you can savor the taste of a delicious fried fish from the site.

Gastronomy In Italy, To Discover The Culinary Heritage Of The Center

The autumn foliage train is organized on the Trans-Siberian of Italy, departing from Sulmona and arriving in Roccaraso or Castel di Sangro or Carovilli. The external landscape is made even more suggestive by the autumn season, where the colors of the leaves and the mountain change kilometer after kilometer.

A very characteristic intermediate stop that characterizes all three sections is in Campo di Giove, a pretty village at the foot of the Majella where you can discover typical products and local crafts in a small market in the central square.

The winter train on the Italian Trans-Siberian is, then, the historic train that leads from Sulmona to Roccaraso. On the occasion of the Christmas Markets, you will have the opportunity to discover the gastronomic excellences and local Abruzzo handicrafts, letting yourself be fascinated by the scenic beauty of the places you will cross aboard a vintage diesel locomotive.

Travel By Train In Italy, The Historic Trains Of Campania

Even traveling in central Italy can become a real taste experience. In Tuscany, a typical dish, especially ideal in this period, is acquacotta. What is it about? A dry soup made with celery, carrots, tomato, parmesan, oil, egg, and stale bread: a dish that, by tradition, peasants and cowboys ate.

You can enjoy an excellent acquacotta in Capalbio, where you can also find another main dish, wild boar alla cacciatora. From Capalbio you can then move to Orbetello if you are looking for a cuisine based on fish: the village is located in a saltwater lagoon, which offers excellent fish to be grilled, smoked eel to be tasted and sea bass to accompany, in the form of ragù, with spaghetti.

And to round off your gastronomic tour in Italy in the Tuscan Maremma, go to Porto Santo Stefano to discover focaccia with onions and anchovies.

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