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No owner loves to leave their pets at home alone, especially when they have plans to head outside the city. Still, similar situations cannot be avoided, as taking your pet along with you is not always possible. In such cases, one can consider personal pet care services around them. Yes, a resource, platform, or organization specializing in offering the most professional and trained pet sitters to take care of your lovely pets. Unfortunately, with all the benefits, advantages, and countless options on the internet, the whole situation may turn out overwhelming for most of us. 

Not to worry! We are here to make it easier for you. Today, we have put together a series of questions to ask a pet sitter, especially if you plan to hire them for the long term. We completely understand the fact of just wanting the best for your pet and having someone who handles it all delicately and effectively. So, let’s get started by knowing more of these questions. 

#1 How long have they been active as a professional for in-home pet care services? Does the professional work individually or is registered under any pet care agency? Where the job of a pet sitter cannot be handled by every layman out there, you may also find some who might quit before than expected. So, do some research, and hire an expert sitter who has been around for years in the job and has absolute knowledge of basic and advanced tactics. 

#2 Do they own a website? How professionally designed is their website? If they have a good personal website or their particular agency has one portraying their experience and specialties, then you are good to go. Well, it is a sureshot sign that they consider their job seriously and believe in serving the best to customers and their pets. Because a professionally curated website is an investment along with being an indication of long-term commitment. 

#3 How much do they charge for their services? Do they have weekly or hourly rates for their personal pet care services? Is there any tax on their charges? If they have higher rates than the average in the marketplace, it can also mean they are more experienced and hold an established reputation in the industry. Normally, this can also help you decide which is the best and the least good option for your pet’s routine care. 

#4 Do they take vacations continually? Yes! This is certainly something essential that should not be overlooked. Any professional who would value self-care to avoid compassion fatigue and burnouts would be aware of taking necessary vaccinations on time. Only then, the acknowledged sitter can offer the most premium care to your pet. 

#5 What sort of policies and regulations do they implement? Do they have any service agreement in favor of safeguarding both clients and themselves? If yes, then it is a proven sign that they are highly professional. Still, make sure that you are hiring someone who is really dedicated to their job. 

#6 What certifications does the pet sitter have in their profile? Or is the agency suggesting candidates with certifications? It is very important to know that experts who have been amongst the most reliable pet sitters or are working under renowned agencies will always have a proven experience and education in their field. Well, this is eventually something similar to a medical diploma. So, ensure to have one who has the skills to take care of your home and pets altogether. 

In the end, if the pet sitter belongs to a reputed pet council or agency, they are certainly going to be professional and will offer the highest level of care to your lovely hounds and cats. We understand the fact that leaving your pet home with a stranger can be unrelaxing and anxious for you. Where it may seem like a difficult decision to make, you can instead focus more on hiring the best full-time in-home pet care service experts. When you know they are trained and professional, you rest assured that your home and pet are under their supervision and have not missed anything. From schedules to playtimes, medications, and lots of snuggles and love, they can take care of everything. As a result, you save time and money by hiring one for your pet while having that absolute peace of mind. 



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