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Football is game number one in the world. Millions of people play football (30% of them are women). In South America, this sport is a religion for most people. The history of football goes back to ancient times – a similar game was played in Ancient China, the Roman Empire, in Sparta. Football, which is played today, appeared in England in the 19th century – it was played mainly by college students. Currently, football tournaments are held in almost all countries – from Australia to Canada. Today, football fans have a great opportunity to watch the game online and follow live football results from the comfort of their home.

Must-Have Skills for a Successful Football Players

The main thing in the process of training is to feel the ball in football: the skill of the player to clearly feel the movement of the main ball. For this, it is necessary to spend a little time on individual exercises with the ball. Let’s list other must-have skills:

  • Dribbling – the ability to control the ball while running. In this case, the main thing is that touching the ball is not too strong, so as not to dispense it far, but not too weak – otherwise, it does not need to be inconsequential. Fast running with the ball – one of the main qualities of a good football ball.
  • An ability to pass. You should start by doing an internal long-distance foot – so it will be softer and more precise. Having kept a low pass, you can switch to the “hanging” technique on the partner. Learn to give the pass “on the way” – to give the message away, where there is a player now, and where it will be a few seconds later.
  • An ability to beat on the back. The main thing in football is goals, without which there is no result. With the nearest range, it is better to beat softly and slightly externally;
  • Movement without the ball. Over 90 minutes of the match the player runs about 10 km – most of the time, he moves without the ball. The ability to open and to settle down is a quality, without which it is impossible to become a good football player.
  • An ability to defend. If you play in defense, consider taking the correct position: in the event of injury, be sure to keep it between the ball and your own goal.
  • The ability to take the ball: the football player must be able to take and handle the ball he got at any height. This skill can be processed with a partner or with a wall.
  • The skill of meeting standards: When experienced footballers play, even a corner game looks great. From the right-hand corner, you need to bring the ball in such a way that the players of your team could have hit the ball with the head in the gate of the opponent.

It is a must to know the football theory and the rules of the game, but you shouldn’t focus on it at the initial stage. Football is courageous and at the same time intellectual game. Sometimes, this sport is called “contact chess”: to win, you need to run, think and make decisions equally quickly and effectively.

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