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Anyone can start a business, but creating a company that continues to thrive and succeed isn’t that simple. Those who triumph spend considerable time doing market research, preparing a business plan and raising funds for their startup. It is essential to start on the right food to make your startup successful and profitable.

Fortunately, many successful business owners have gone through the same struggle and are happy to share their experience to better prepare other entrepreneurs for their journey. Below are the five must-have resources to take-off your startups.


  • Inspiration for the Idea


You can get a business idea from a lot of platforms. You can find them offline as well as online. Magazines, Newspapers or even talking with friends can give you great business ideas. You can get great business ideas by spending some time on the internet analyzing websites that cover similar topics. One of the best places you can find inspiration is online business blogs. You can also explore websites that cover different promising business ideas, ventures and concepts. You can also browse some of the websites that can help you recognize your core strength. You can navigate the ideas according to your industry interest. Some of those websites are Cool Business Ideas and SpringWise.



  • Startup Web Apps


Many free web applications available on the internet help you improve in various business areas like sales, marketing, productivity, and even setting and tracking goals. Following is a list of some amazing startup tools:

  1. IdeaTool: It is a business software that can help you create a business model, validate the concept and get a modern business plan.
  2. nTask: A project management tool that can help you manage your project details in one place.
  3. Startup Grind: A community of startups from around the world.
  4. Mailchimp: An Email marketing tool.
  5. GeniusU: It’s the world’s #1 entrepreneur success platform, where you can learn, connect, attend and earn with over 1.4 million entrepreneurs based on your purpose, passions, talents, location and other personal preferences. Start learning for FREE!


  • Social Media Tools for Success


Social media is a great platform to build your brand and increase your sales. The major social media platform you can drive business from is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Some social media tools that can help you for your startup are OptinMoster, Hootsuite, TailWind, Trello, Crello, Slack and Canva.


  • Raising Money


Funding is the fuel for any startup. Over 90% of businesses fail during the first year of operation due to a lack of funds. If you are looking to raise funds, you can try traditional ways, but this is the 21st century, you can do everything online. Below are some fundraising tools that can help you raise your business funds.

  1. Kickstarter: Focuses on Creative Arts
  2. iFundWomen: Focus on women based startups
  3. GoFundMe: Zero personal campaign fees
  4. Wefunder: Resources for startups
  5. Fundable: Charge a flat monthly fee to create campaigns

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