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reasons of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an ailment that is visible among males of all ages. Initially, it was substantiated to be a disease among senior aged people of age 50 and up, but later it was found that people of age group 35-50 are developing that out of pressure in their life and due to some food habits. On the other hand, men of age group 20-35 are developing the same too and there some critical reasons are responsible for their ailment

However, there are some understandings needed to understand the reason for this ailment. In fact, when you reach a doctor for the treatment of the same, he will be underlying you under some tests initially. The tests will identify the reason for having ED in you and the doctor will be treating you accordingly. To be very much on the pint, there are basically four underlying factors of having ED and that you can understand well when you understand the system that is responsible for your erection.

Why understand the erection issues

The basic ailment of the ED is that you will not have the erection that you are looking for. Hence, the problem here lies on the erection factor and hence if you can understand how you get an erection, you will understand the areas where you can have the ailment. This is, in fact, the reason why you need this understanding and it is also the reason why your doctor suggested you the urine tests, the cardiac tests and also the blood sample tests. You also would like to read  Stop Erectile Dysfunction to Devastate Your Life.


The four steps of your erection

Issues related to your penis

The basic erection of your penis is caused by the excess flow of blood through the penis veins. Hence, if you are having ED, it surely means that by some reason or other, your penis is not finding the excess blood that it needs for its erection. This can be some sediment on your blood and the blood veins. Excess consumption of alcohol puts sediment of sulphate on your blood and later on the veins. Excess proneness to tobacco puts sediment of nicotine on the blood and hence you can face a blockage in the blood flow, causing your ED.

On the other occasion, it can be due to the excess glucose or cholesterol that makes your blood heavier and hard to be carried faster. In such cases too, you can find a less float of excess blood through the penis causing ED in you. The doctor will be suggesting the urine tests to find this excess glucose or nicotine. On the other hand, he will be suggesting the blood tests to note the cholesterol level or the sulphate content. If they are found to be excess in you, he will be recommending you Vidalista 60 generic Cialis or Fildena PayPal, which you can avail from the online stores. Along with that he will also be suggesting you different other things like exercises, diet chart and other things to resist the excess sediment.

Issues related to your heart

The next issue that can be an obligation for you and can also be the vulnerable reason for your ED is related to your heart condition. If it is the fact that you faced a cardiac arrest in the last few months or you are having a weaker heart condition, then your heart will be unable to pump the excess blood that is needed for your erection and in that, you can have the ED. If that is the case, then this is surely a serious condition and you will be strictly prohibited to have the Vidalista 60 generic Cialis or other drugs. You will have to rely then on the home-made treatments and on the exercises alone to cure your ED.

Issues related to your brain

There are can be some issues like sleeplessness or some level of fatigue that is causing your brain to cease responding to the heart and sending the message to the heart related to the excess blood pumping. If that is the case then also you can face ED and if that is the case, then it is something serious. However, there is nothing to worry here, since the doctor will be simply prescribing you some sleeping pills and will suggest you to remain calm with yoga or needle therapy and then continue the Cenforce 200.

Issues related to your mind

The mind is the ultimate destination and the beginner of the entire story. The sensation of having sex is started from the mind itself and the sensation is transformed into a message by the brain to the heart. Now, if the brain remains pre-occupied with some other works or the mind has been processed to read the sensations at some typical conditions like watching porno movies, then you will face the nuisance and here you will have to get through some psychiatrist sessions only to get the aid, otherwise it is not possible to treat you.

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