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When it comes to dressing up, many of us don’t need the fragrances and for that reason we must listen to naysayers as they say “you are never fully dressed without a perfume”. Not only a scent leaves an immutable impact and is considered an imperative element of ones dressing, but it should be also obligatory to wear the one which is nontoxic and harmless.

The natural and organic fragrances are those which have been extracted entirely from natural elements and are preferably a blend of essential oils. Animal extracts such as ambergris from whales, castoreum from a cat like animal, musk, civet and hyraceum are a few of the many ingredients frequently being used in fragrances.

Here is a list of top 10 Natural and Clean Perfume Brands for Men 2021.

1. Dancing Dingo’s Botanical Cologne

As fun as its name, Dancing Dingo offers handmade botanical colognes with natural, non-toxic and chemical free products which are also approved by Leaping Bunny and Peta. It has aromatic masculine, hand blended and gluten free scents with vegan and natural ingredients like aloe vera, Irish moss, aspen bark extract, purified water and clinical grade essential oils blends that very with scents. A few of its popular Men’s Scents are Tranquility, Grapefruit Lavender Natural Perfume, and Basil Lemonade Natural Perfume.

2. The Nue Co. Functional Fragrance

Made of pure ingredients such as palo santo, iris, cilantro plant and clean woody cardamom, Functional Fragrance is an organic and vegan fragrance. It not only aids in adding up style and elegance to an individual, but also in changing emotional and physiological state and in relieving stress. Its formula is free from all sort of toxic preservatives, additives, flavorings, and sweeteners. This fragrance is famous as an anti-stress supplement and also caters as a unisex perfume.

3. Thin Wild Mercury Laurel Canyon, 1966

Laurel Canyon, 1966 by Thin Wild Mercury has been quite a popular option since two years now. Launched in 2019, this aromatic fragrance is for both men and women, and has impressed its users by providing clean, organic and herbal elements. Its top notes are as sweet orange, grapefruit, middle notes are Italian Cannabis, Petitgrain Clove, Jasmine Sambac, and base notes of Ambergris, Birch Tar, Patchouli.

4. 129 Eternity Man cologne by Eden Perfumes

No. 129 gives you a beautiful experience of walking through a field of beautiful lavenders. This scent is an alternative non-toxic scent to Eternity by Calvin Klein. Eden perfumes, a U.K. based brand offers vegan and non-toxic cologne with pure and natural ingredients free of animals based elements, such as civet, ambergris, musk, honey, milk, or castoreum. Eden perfumes is quite a popular brand for making organic and matching scents of synthesized perfumes, and use non-toxic ingredients like  jasmine, passion fruit, saffron, oud, and sandalwood. These scents do not always exactly match with their chemical versions but the brand assures that its scents are IFRA-certified safe, and are free from synthetic preservatives, parabens and phthalates.

5. Henry Rose Fragrances

Henry Rose is created by Michelle Pfeiffer and named after her daughter, Claudia Rose, and son, John Henry. This brand puts forward a number of beautiful unisex scents with a blend of natural ingredients and safe synthetics. Its perfumes include Fog, Torn, Dark is Night, Jake’s House, Last Light, Smyth and Queens and Monsters. The synthetic ingredients of these woody scents are environmentally and EWG Verified and Cradle to Cradle Certified Gold with recyclable and sustainable packaging.

6. Solutio by Sigil Scents

Launched in 2021, Solutio is Sigil is a Woody Aromatic Fragrance for Men, and a beautiful fusion of aromatic cypriol, bracing lime, and a handmade tincture of wild chaparral that allows every soul to feel the bliss of relieve. Sigil is an LA-based natural perfumes brand created by Patrick Kelly which offers long lasting natural fragrances. Its main ingredients include cane sugar alcohol, tinctures, absolutes and essential oils. These fragrances are kept for minimum two months prior to its packaging process which ultimately results in intensifying the strong flavor of the scent.

7. Herban Cowboy

This masculine line is certified by PETA and is 100 percent vegan and cruelty free. Its main ingredients include denatured alcohol, fragrance, water, proprietary essential oil blend. Founded by Lisa and Luke, the brand offers its clients with nature based fragrances like dusk, Forest and True West made of essential oils of bergamot, pink grapefruit, and cedarwood. Since the brand is a sustaining corporate member of the National Arbor Day Foundation, its sustainable and recyclable packaging not only makes this line environmental friendly but the products also have never been tested on animals.

8. Olivina Men Natural Fragrance Cologne, Bourbon Cedar

Being one of the best natural perfumes options for men, Bourbon Cedar is an essential oil-based cologne by Olivina Men. This fragrance is made of organic and natural elements like lemon, bergamot and sage with base notes of cedarwood, bourbon accord and patchouli for making it a masculine floured. The brand mainly uses alcohol denat, aqua, fragrance and essential oils to make its scents vegan and cruelty free. This brand also caters its clients with paraben, petroleum, phthalate and silicone free products along with recycled material.

9. Radiant of the Earth Deep Delight Forest Cologne

Made of Biodynamic grapeseed alcohol; oils of vetiver, mitti sttar, sandalwood, cardamom, lemon, and vanilla bean; this fragrance promotes nature and purity. The brand Living Liberation offers botanicals such as vetiver, mitti attar, sandalwood, vanilla and lemon in every bottle and is parabens and sulfates, and cruelty-free. With its ingredients and process the brand makes sure to manufacture each and every single product meet the standards set by United States Pharmacopeia.

10. Abbott NYC Crescent Beach Eau de Parfum

Abbott NYC Crescent Beach Eau de Parfum aka Shelter Island is originally a unisex scent, inspired by breezy summery days dwelled in flowers in New York. This fragrance is an intoxicating floral, amber and oceanic one with notes of peony, lily, and amber musk.

Since natural colognes are new to the industry, they have comparatively higher prices than regular synthetic perfumes. The only factor which devalues these organic scents is the fact that they are ephemeral and have to be applied multiple times during the day.

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