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Creating your DJ Mix Podcast Channel

What is a podcast? 

A podcast is a troupe of audio files stored on a website that is subscribed to use media software (usually iTunes). Feed software provides an updated list of available episodes for every podcast. The software then downloads the suitable media file for the attack, which can be played on a computer or moved to a media player such as an iPhone. Emerging in 2004, the podcasting format has been rapidly gaining popularity over the years.

These can be quickly consumed anywhere! Are you going to work or to the gym? Usually a forum for conversation and interviews. Many DJs have also done podcasts in the form of mixtapes and mix shows. One way to showcase your talent as a DJ is to give listeners various music to listen to. At the same time, building a well-accessible portfolio to help bring you more platforms while growing your followers at the same time. 

Why should a DJ create a Podcast?

Creating a podcast is a way to promote yourself as an active DJ. Starting a podcast gives DJs another channel to assist themselves. In this counsel, we will cover hosting your website and podcasts, which will provide you with the ultimate control over any promotions along with your podcast. As a DJ or music producer, it is essential to keep up with the latest trends in content and digital marketing, and by 2021 podcasts will be one of the most popular and widely used content formats.

How to create a podcast?

This guide is helpful for DJs, event promoters, agencies, record labels, or radio stations. You can use podcasts to showcase your music, showcase artists, or show your name there.


  • Determine the concept (name, format, episode length): 


Your podcast begins with your name and becomes the identity and foundation of your podcast. When choosing a word, you need to make sure it is relevant to your music and target audience. Ideally, listeners and potential listeners should be able to tell right away without hearing what your podcast is.  Besides your name, most podcast directories have a short description, where you can add a little more about each particular episode. Don’t forget to create a jingle for your podcast that is aligned with your concept.


The Basic thing to do is to determine the format and structure of your podcast. It looks like this:

  • Interview
  • Single conversation / talking to your audience
  • DJ Set / Mix Show
  • Or a combination of the above
  • Setting a relatively stable episode length for the goal is also a good idea. Your episodes are half an hour-long, an hour-long, or more.


  • Make your artwork: 


  • Album artwork square – Must be 1400px x 1400 px for iTunes
  • Album artwork for each episode
  • art of youtube and YouTube jingle.

These are some of the artworks that you should get done firsthand so you can upload your episodes as soon as you record them. 


  • Create an introduction to the podcast:


 Optional, but recommended. You usually want to introduce the podcast to the episode name and Host, but this is not required. You can do your voiceover yourself, or a friend can do it.


  • Branding (logo and artwork):


Your podcast jingle, logo, and artwork should look and feel professional. So if you do not have the skills to design yourself, hire a professional. Or use one of the available online tools like Fiverr or Upwork to keep up with each other at a reasonable cost (even if you get what you pay for) without breaking the bank. It is crucial to note that most people will view your podcast and its artwork on a small mobile device. So make sure the text and images in your artwork are large and clear enough to be read on any size screen.


  • Recording your first episode:


Whether you are ready or not, whether you have complete material or not, whether it’s perfect or not, you should record your first episode according to the plan. If these are any mistakes, you will learn from them eventually. Even if you are the guest you are interviewing; it is good to start your podcast by talking about yourself. Who you are, talk about yourself and present your new podcasts to the world! You need to let your listeners know what they expect as they continue to listen to your presentation. Avoid speaking naturally and making any noises or “radio voices”. People want to hear your true self and know right away when you put it on!


  • Get your podcast online:


It would have helped if you got an online host for your podcast audio files. Ideally, this should be different from your website Host, as they usually cannot withstand the high demands thrown at podcast downloads and streaming. Podcast hosts often allow you to distribute and make money. The most popular podcast should be Host Libsin and comes in at just $5 (starting price) per month, which is a very affordable option. Plus, it’s a trusted platform for the most famous and popular podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience and Mark Maron with WTF. 


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