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Life is too short of taking its full advantage. Everyone has a love life and a desire to make their relationship full of beautiful experiences and memories. A romantic relationship should be imbued with adventures. There are many fun things to do with your girlfriend, which would probably make your girl crazy for you.

 Everyone knows about Magic Johnson, a professional basketball player. Magic Johnson net worth is $600 million. Are you a millionaire like him to spend money on your girlfriend? If not, do you want your girl to remember the beautiful time she spent with you? Here are some things that can help you make every moment spent with your girlfriend unique and memorable.

Helping you to make your girl mad at you, below is the list of 22 fun things to do with your girlfriend.

  1. A late-night walk

Girls like to have a late-night walk. You can take her for a walk as you are the only one with whom she feels secure. Walk all along the streets, talk about what you did all day.

  1. Planning your future

Future planning is the most beautiful thing a girl loves to talk about. Plan your future with her, take her to the fantasy world of getting old with each other.

  • Lean on the playground

Find a less crowded playground and lean down with her. Talk to her, looking into her eyes, making the moment more romantic.

  • Sing a song for her

You can sing a song for your girl even though you are not good at singing; your girl will always love it if you sing a little bit for her. Dedicate her a song as no other way can make her feel so special than this.

  • Enjoy in the rain

She will love being wet with you in the rain, enjoying the moment, dancing, and kissing each other and get deep into the feeling of immense love.

  • Spent time in a swimming pool

You can spend some time together in a swimming pool which will indeed create a very romantic atmosphere all around. It will give extreme pleasure to each other.

  • Watch a romantic movie in bed.

It is fascinating watching a romantic movie with your girlfriend in bed. It is highly relaxing in bed with your partner.

  • Cook something together

Have a new experience cooking something together. You will never forget the dishes you made together. After cooking, make each other eat what you made. It is one of the best things you both will get into your minds when you eat something after your meet.

  • Listen to songs together- for a long-distance relationship.

If you are far away from each other, you will love listening to songs together at the same time. Share the playlist of your favorite songs. Your girl will love listening to them all day, remembering you in her mind.

  • Lay your head in her lap

Firstly, make her sit on the bed and lay down your head in her lap. It is the most beautiful feeling for a girl, and she will love running her fingers through your hair. She will go mad and will start pleasuring you with everything you need.

  • Sending love letters

You should send her long love letters through Gmail. So, she could keep those lovely letters with her for a lifetime. You can read more about what does queued mean in Gmail.

  • Play games with her

Playing games with her on Playstation. It is an exciting way to make her happy by letting her win in all the games. No matter, you will not win, but you can lose the game to see a charming smile on your girlfriend’s face.

  • Visit an amusement park.

You should on no account miss an opportunity to visit an amusement park with your girl. Taking rides, playing games, and sampling some delicious food. As standing in the sun for hours is discomforting, you can savour ice cream.

  • Make sketches of each other.

Having fun making sketches of each other with a little bit of imagination is yet another way to enjoy your day.

  •  Have a pillow fight

After having a romantic dinner, play some romantic background music and have a pillow fight troubling each other, and also record a video so that you can feel back your precious moments.

  • Get a massage at a spa.

You can deeply connect your mind and soul by having a “couple massage” at a spa, as it is trendy these days. A fantastic massage can de-stress both of you.

  • Do something adventurous

It will be a little bit expensive, but doing something adventurous would add fun on the positive side, including skydiving, rafting, bungee jumping, scuba diving and much more.

  • Share secrets in the moonlight

Take advantage of a full moon night and spend some time with each other sitting on the rooftop sharing fun memories and secrets. Although you know the most about each other still, learn some more about each other’s high-school days.

  • Enjoy dancing with each other.

Take her to a peaceful noiseless place at night, where she is with only you. Play lovey-dovey instrumental music and add romance to the moment by dancing slowly in the dark. You can add more fun by trying something different by hilariously dancing on fast beats.

  • Take a bike ride

Travel with your girl on a bike. Take her to long drives whenever you get a chance. Click each other’s pictures in between, and this will make your journey more exciting.

  •  Work out together

Everyone should have a healthy lifestyle, making your gym time more fruitful, you can go there with your girlfriend. Working out with her will add some best memories to your relationship.

  • Show her your childhood pictures.

There’s no better way to see your girl smiling when she looks at your childhood pictures. Show her your photographs when you were a kid; she will probably start giving you kisses.

To sum up, we can say a girl always loves to spend quality time with you. All these fun things can make your love relationship more exciting and help capture cherishable memories with your love partner.

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