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Garden maintenance is one of the challenging tasks for everyone. It is struggling to keep your garden in color throughout the seasons as a landscape requires unique efforts in every season to grow healthily.

It becomes tricky to follow the right garden maintenance for the homeowners as there are various guides available on the web according to every season. If you are looking for simple garden maintenance tips, which you can follow throughout the seasons and keep your garden in color everything. 

Here we have mentioned the top garden maintenance tips below, which will help you in every season and grow your landscape healthily. 

1. Deadheading:

Deadheading is one of the boring and tedious tasks, but it is an effective way to keep your plants blooming as long as possible. The Hovenier Dordrecht performs different gardening methods to promote the growth of the plants and keep your garden colorful through the seasons. 

Performing deadheading will grant you to increase the blooming period of a plant easily. It will promote flowering in an easier way. 

2. Shearing:

Deadheading is an effective method for boosting the blooming period of a plant, but it is not similarly useful for every plant species. Some plants produce multiple flowering buds. So, it becomes struggling to cut every flower. 

In this case, you need to wait until the bulk of the buds have faded, and then you can shear the plants. This process will rejuvenate the plant and send out new and fresh foliage. 

3. Re-seeding:

Re-seeding is an important part of gardening. If you want to grow multiple plants of the same plant species, then re-seeding is the best solution for you. It is easier to save the seeds of the plants, which you can plant in the soil in the right season. 

Re-seeding will help you in growing multiple plants on your lawn and prepare a bulk of healthy plants without investing money. 

4. Feeding:

The right nutrition is important for the healthy growth of a plant. If you want to grow healthy and disease-free plants on your lawn, then you need to provide the best nutrition to your plants, which will improve their growth and blooming period as well. 

You can use fertilizers and fully composted yard waste as well. It will provide the required nutrition to the plants, which will promote healthy growth and prevent unwanted plant diseases as well. 

5. Step pruning:

The step pruning is a clever way to add colors to your lawn. A plant stem can bloom only once or twice. So, if you want to increase the blooming period of a plant, then you need to divide a clump of the plant into three sections. Prune the front and center sections of plants by 1/3 to 1/2 when the plant gets about 6” to 8” tall. 

Repeat the same method when the plant reaches a similar height again. It will prolong the blooming period of the plant for you. 

6. Watering:

Watering is one of the important things, which you need to do throughout the seasons. The Hoveniersbedrijf Dordrecht follows different watering methods to provide the right amount of moisture to the plants for healthy growth. 

The water requirement of the plants relies on various climatic conditions. So, you need to analyze the requirement of watering according to the season and follow suitable watering methods for the best results. 

7. Pest-controlling:

Pest-controlling is an important part of gardening, which will prevent the growth of insects. Some insects can cause harm to your plants and cause some dangerous diseases as well. Following the pest-controlling methods will not only keep your plants insect-free, but it will also create a suitable environment for you as well. 

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