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Although society has evolved considerably over the past 100 years, we still have a long way to go when it comes to the double standard between men and women. These double standards exist in society or the workplace, but they also exist in strip clubs!

Here are some examples:

A few years ago, male strippers for their behaviors encountered during their work. Their experiences included but were not limited to being pushed around by drunken women, women who went up on the stage to dance with them, and were groped.

It is also both common and expected for women to connect with strippers. Sometimes they offer money and sometimes not. In either case, it is sporadic that they are subjected to scrutiny or arrested for this type of behavior. Some even see it.

Never mind as women are sexually unrestrained and free to chase the decadence they wish are considered liberating. However, men doing the same are seen as unfair. The principles and the mechanics are the same but not the social stigma. Click here for more details. 

This dishonor also affects women indirectly. There are more than a few stories of women being fired from their jobs after someone discovered they were working as a stripper or porn star. But men, who work as strippers, usually do not have this problem like Channing Tatum as he was praised for playing a stripper while still facing the stigma of her past. But Former stripper Amber Rose was pointed out for being a stripper.


In both cases, the disgrace is harmful, and the double standards are asinine. Of course, anyone could argue upon the patriarchal traditions to figure out these standards, making overly sexualized women forbidden while overly sexualized men are prized. However, like most double standards, they still require too many assumptions and as many banned. 


But in both situations, the double standards are created around the women, and it is claimed that she should be sexually limited in most aspects of their lives. There are still those who also claim that women who are not sexually subdued demoralize civilization. But no one should take these allegations seriously as there are more chances for these same people to have unhealthy and regressive opinions about sexuality in general.


However, while female abstraction is criticized, male objectification is renowned in male strip clubs. At the same time, women who urge to be sexual, either as a female stripper or solely in general, are considered as a slut and stigma. Whereas if men do all the stuff, he is viewed as a legend.


Hence, both are a consequence of sexual oppression, and both should be considered equally wrong. Know more at www.magichens.com.au


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