Sun. Apr 14th, 2024
Get an Alternative to Coffee For the Same Energy Boost

If you’ve been thinking about leaving coffee behind for something healthier, but you’re afraid to lose the perceived benefit of an energy boost, the good news is, you have options! There are alternatives to coffee that you can use that will give you the same energy boost you get from coffee. Some of these options can give you an energy boost that lasts even longer than coffee, and are certainly better for you in general. 

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Coffee “Gives You Energy” 

It’s technically true. Coffee does give you energy. However, the energy you get from coffee comes and goes so quickly, you may not even have a chance to put it to good use. Most of the time, when we drink coffee, we find ourselves jittery and energetic for about an hour after we finish our first cup or two (depending on what amount you’re used to drinking), but that energy has a short shelf life.

After it comes and goes, we may find ourselves physically drained. Although we may not have the physical energy to do almost anything, as our bodies feel heavy and tired from even the smallest amount of activity, our minds are still going a mile a minute. This creates the feeling of being exhausted, but not being able to rest. At this point, it’s kind of unfair to say that coffee “gives you energy”, because ultimately, all it did was keep you awake. 

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Another thing that some of us forget or may not even realize, is that the “jittery” feeling we get from coffee, is a result of our nerves and bodies being irritated by the heightened caffeine levels. Have you ever noticed that after you drink coffee, you soon find yourself running for the restroom with a feeling of urgency and fear that goes unmatched? That’s because all of a sudden, your bowels and stomach have processed a super high dosage of caffeine, and your body feels rushed to suddenly let it all out.

That’s why you feel like things are about to explode after having coffee. It’s understandable that movement is movement, and even if you struggle with making regular movements (talkin’ about bowel movements, folks), you should know that coffee explosions are not the healthiest way to remedy the situation.

Natural sources of energy, such as cinnamon and ginger, can be very helpful in giving you an energy boost and giving your body the extra energetic push it needs to do its job, naturally. 

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What You Won’t Miss 

What you won’t miss when you leave coffee behind, is the unhealthy side effects of coffee consumption. You won’t miss the mid-day crash, the scary bowel movements, the jitters, the erratic and intense heart palpitations, the lack of sleep and rest, and the headaches you get from not having the caffeine you’re addicted to. Saying goodbye to these feelings will surely be one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. 

We know that those of us who are or have been staunch believers in the power of coffee, have at some point declared our love and perceived need for coffee to be so intense, that we swore that you’d have to pry it “from our cold dead hands” before we gave up on it. The truth is, it’s actually really easy to leave it behind, once you realize how much better you feel without it, and especially if you use an alternative to coffee to help ease your transition.

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You can still get the energy boost you need, and not feel like you’re dying once it’s over. Coffee alternatives are sure to change your daily routine for the better, and leave you with the perfect amount of energy.

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