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Since its formation in 2012, Mighty Jaxx, a Singapore-based design studio specializing in art collectibles, has been winning awards.

Since then, they have produced more than one thousand pieces for collectors all over the world collaborating with renowned artists. 

There are six different Sesame Street characters in this blind box collection, along with four hidden variants. You’ll find Cookie Monster, Elmo, Count Von Count, and Big Bird, as well as your good friends Bert and Ernie! 

When it’s your first time hearing about ‘blind box toys‘ and you’re unsure about their purpose, here’s what you need to know!

The ‘blind box’ term is used to describe a category of toys in which different toys from the same collection are contained in sealed boxes, with no indication of what is inside them until the boxes are opened.

Some blind box series come with between one and two hidden/secret toys as well, but they are only randomly included in certain sets. “Piggybank” blind boxes generally feature 12 toys or 8 toys, depending on the brand. Also, if you are expecting the secret toy then there is no guarantee of receiving it even if you purchase the whole set of the blind box.  

Blind packs feature images of toy designs from the same collection, so it’s only a matter of making an educated guess and picking the right blind box for you. Mighty Jaxx toys are best for your kids. 

Get To Know the Difference Between the Single Box and The Complete Set

So what is the difference between buying a complete box and multiple single-blind boxes?

So it is crucial to know that there is a major difference between the two. When an individual buys the single-blind boxes in multiple numbers there are quite high chances of getting a duplicate. On the other hand, if the person is buying a set, then there is a hundred percent guarantee of receiving all the basic editions of toys from the series. Also getting the duplicate set of any toy gets eliminated. 

 When they refill the stocks of single-blind boxes, the contents are mixed, so you can never tell what is inside the box. This should be borne in mind when considering purchasing more than one blind box from the same collection.

The mighty Jaxx sponge bob new design is comprised of premium poly stone and magnets, and measures 6 inches tall. The organs and skeletal parts are carved out of SpongeBob’s cross-section and hand-painted. The display can be displayed as a whole or split in half, so SpongeBob can be viewed differently every time you look at it.

Licensed hyper-casual game title Nubbies: Sesame Street – the first launch of Mighty Jaxx lifestyle and collectibles designer brand Mighty Jaxx – was today launched by Singapore-based lifestyle brand Mighty Jaxx in association with the new collectible series of the same name. Nubbies promises seamless, social collecting and continues Mighty Jaxx’s efforts to reimagine the physical collectible market.

Unboxing a new toy is an ever-increasing joy, and the current global collectibles space provides a very fertile ecosystem that offers a multitude of opportunities for collaboration and development.

An innovative, pocket-friendly 2-inch collectible based on finger puppets, The Nubbie: Sesame Street encapsulates the meaning of friendship through its finger puppet design. You’ll be able to bring some of your friends on screen when you invite your new best friend.

Nubbies: Sesame Street players unlock their virtual characters by scanning their collectible with the Mighty Jaxx app. Instruction cards found inside your blind box provide collectors with the authentication code required to unlock the app.

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