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Ghost Kitchens is new hope for the culinary business industry doer. It can be concluded so by the statistic from the major search engines like Google that recording the thrive of term “Ghost Kitchens Near Me” on their system. Ghost Kitchens’ phenomenon itself cannot be separated with the development of technology and the internet and the latest trend that makes people tend to choose the most efficient ways in any aspects, including feeding their hunger. In this article, we are going to talk further about the phenomenon of Ghost Kitchens in this 4.0 era. In detail, in this article, you will get the information about the Ghost Kitchens Near Me aspects like why there are Ghost Kitchens, how you manage to start a Ghost Kitchens business, and how you create a Virtual Kitchen. Let’s get started to the points of Ghost Kitchen Near Me things below.

Why are there ghost kitchens?

Ghost Kitchens are the embodiment of modern people’s efficiency and as the final results of the technology information development. People may do walk-in dining several years ago, but today, they have access to make anything simple as touching a smartphone, and voila, you get the meals in a matter of minutes. 

Conventional kitchens are requiring a high investment at their starting point. Starting from the building, decoration, kitchen sets, chef, cooks, and also the waiters. With the development of the internet and its devices, Ghost Kitchens appear to make the innovation which now you are no longer bounded in establishing a restaurant and extras to run your own kitchen. 

The world’s condition today is also giving the shot to Ghost Kitchens to rise and shines because people today’s is reducing the rate of meeting someone else outside their house due to the pandemic of COVID-19. Plus, the workers that are working from home still need some supper and lunch between their busy time at home. 

The other point plus in Ghost Kitchens is you are no longer required to spend extra money to rent a strategic place. To be frank, that was the old and lame tradition. You can make yours on your own house, and you can start it with your own family, you can get the maximum incomes with minimum investment. All you have to provide are the internet, devices, photos or videos of your food, and also the yummy recipes.

The advantages from the Ghost Kitchens are totally awesome. This condition has led the professional restaurant to make a massive exodus from the conventional one to the practice kitchen practitioners. 

How do I start a ghost kitchen?

Making a Ghost Kitchen is not as complicated as you may think before. All you have to do is prepare the target market, payment system, delivery process, and online campaign to make your Ghost Kitchen’s flag flying high on the digital environment. Let’s get down for the detailed information.

Target Market 

Target market is essential since your business is born to serve the consumers hungry with delicious foods. You can start to make a mapping whether you want to serve the college’s students, middle-low workers, high-class workers, family, and many more. To be specific is the first step because it will determine the way you are pricing your products and making the campaign on the internet and social media. Never forget social media!

Payment System

Today’s payment systems are not only limited to cash and cards only. The digital wallet has become the new darling for modern people. Hence, you need to specify the payment that you accept over your products from the various types of paying methods.

The good Ghost Kitchens restaurants mostly accept cards and digital wallet payment as the characteristic of Ghost Kitchen. Thus, you need to prepare the system by choosing a suitable payment method provider that credible and gives the easiest access in payment for you and your customers. You may be interested in making some discounts or special prices in the future, so deciding the best payment method provider gives the flexibility whenever you make a small event like that is important.


One of the important aspects of Ghost Kitchens is the delivery method and accommodation. Based on the target market that you set before, you can manage the delivery process in advance. Things that you should consider in mind the delivery matter are the location, traffic, and also the accessibility of your customers. For example, if you are serving the customers that are located near a busy district, make sure you provide the motorcycle or something else that possibly easy to reach the customers faster and able to overcome the traffic jam. You can also use online transportation services like Uber ® and so on.

Digital Marketing Campaign

The delivery, payment method, and mapping procedures are nonsense if you don’t maximize digital marketing in the online environment. Hence you can start to manage the campaign on Google and social media. On Google, you can start with fills the Google My Business with the comprehended information ever starting from your Ghost Kitchens’ name, your work hour, delivery method, payment method, and the illustration of your foods on there. Google is important because it has the feature “Near Me” that able to help you hook more customers in the local area. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone type Ghost Kitchens Near Me, and yours is the number one that pops up on the search result?

On social media, you should make a campaign that is dominated by the aesthetic and delicious photos and videos to make the audience interested in trying and becoming your loyal customers. You can make some discount offers on there too. The more you engage, the higher your incomes.

How do I start a virtual kitchen?

Starting a virtual kitchen is not required extra money and effort. All you have to do is prepare the kitchen set, reliable staff, and money management. You can get the information about the money things on the above session while for the kitchen set, you don’t have to buy the complete set first. You can start with the standard equipment first and upgrade it by the time. On the staff aspect, you need to find the people that are good at their working area. You should consider that you need a person who knows and keeps up with the technology to help you brainstorm the next business strategy that you will use in your Ghost Kitchens.

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