Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Kånken Backpack

In recent years the use of these Kånken backpacks has become extremely common and popular in terms of trend. However, the Scandinavian design backpacks, just like any other Scandinavian brands, hold true to the stereotype that the design focuses on common sense rather than aesthetic beauty. However, this design particularly has taken the globe by storm and hit the fashion world to make a remarkable impact worldwide. Today everyone wants to own a Kånken backpack, majorly because of its pop-culture appeal; however, there are many reasons that one should consider buying kånken backpacks, apart from its trend reference. 

Here are some of the things that you should consider while buying Kånken backpacks for daily use: 

1. Back Support 

Kånken backpacks were initially developed in the late 1970s, aiding Swedish schoolchildren to cope with a heavy load of school books for daily commute to school. In the late 70s, young children started to show signs of discomfort carrying backpacks that weighed heavy with books. The Kånken backpacks were designed to spread out and evenly distribute the weight of the baggage in the backpack. Soon the Kånken bags became a common sight in most Swedish schools and were manufactured in a plethora of color options as well. Kids especially enjoy the yellow Kanken backpack. 

2. Increased Popularity

On the basis of the number of Kånken backpacks being sold hourly worldwide – about 200 per hour, the backpacks have become an iconic product that’s desired by many. The popularity of this brand of backpacks is growing steadily, and everyone seeks to get a piece of these famous Kånken backpacks. 

3. Genuine Materials 

It’s especially important to know that because of the demand for these Kånken backpacks growing high, there are many different brands creating fakes of these bags worldwide. Beware of these fakes and spot out the fakes before you make a purchase. Always buy from a trusted source. They have standard software bags with no creases visible on the front pockets.

4. Water-Resistance

Kanken backpacks such as the yellow Kanken backpack are perfectly water-resistant. The synthetic fabric that it’s made of acts similar to natural fiber and swells up as it becomes wet or damp. When it swells up, the woven fabrics close up, allowing no water to penetrate inside. The appropriate coating on the exterior of the fabric needs to be maintained in order for the long-life of the bag. 

5. Lightweight Factor

Kanken backpacks are made using a fabric known as Vinylon F, which is lightweight, which gives an advantage over other types of fabric. It is also durable and softens as the material ages, which makes it an investment for a long time, stressing no longer on your pockets for a long while. 

6. Extra Space 

The shape of the Kanken backpack is a trademark rectangular shape that is perfect for fitting A4 books, rectangular files, and even laptops. This makes it easier for them to fit inside the backpack evenly distributed for comfort and ease. 

7. Long Zips 

The extra-long zips on the top of these backpacks that go all the way around give you the vantage to open up fully like a suitcase. This makes it especially easier for one to locate the items stuffed in the bags. Especially, you girls with tiny clips and scrunchies at the bottom of the Kanken backpacks can now easily locate them when needed. 

8. Eco-Friendly

Another great feature of these backpacks is that they are also the perfect outdoor gear that thrives on the fact that it is environmentally friendly and creates a possibility for sustainability.


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