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Jarrods glass stairs

For those of you who have terraced houses, there are a number of elements that need attention. One of them is the design of the stair railing for security and aesthetics. The selection of stair railing designs will affect the overall interior design appearance of a terraced house. If your house has a modern style, try glass stair railing. However, don’t hurry. Because there are some things that need to be considered first before using a glass staircase railing from Jarrods glass stairs. Therefore, consider the following sundries railing glass stairs.


The advantages of glass stair railing


The glass staircase railing has a glossy and transparent appearance thus giving it a very modern impression. This is what makes it a suitable present in modern style homes. Glass staircase railing is also suitable for small-sized houses because transparent glass can create the impression of a more spacious room.


The weakness of glass stair railing


Behind its advantages, glass stair railing also has weaknesses. The most prominent weakness is easily broken. The reason could be due to incorrect installation and selection of the wrong type of glass. This is quite dangerous especially for families with children who are actively playing. Another disadvantage is the surface of the glass is easily scratched so that it can damage the appearance. Therefore, when moving furniture to the upper or lower floors, you must be extra careful so that the glass surface on the minimalist stair railing is not scratched.


A type of glass that is safe for railing glass stairs


Did you undo your intention to install a glass staircase after knowing its weaknesses? Be patient because all the weaknesses can be overcome if you choose the right type of glass. Tempered glass is the best glass suitable for stair railing. This glass is able to withstand the load, wind, and pressure better than other types of glass. Even if broken, this tempered glass will break in the form of round or blunt.

Another alternative is laminated glass. This glass is laminated using transparent polyvinyl so that the glass won’t break easily even if it is hit hard. Even if it breaks, the glass fragments will be stuck on the laminate so that the occupants of the house will be protected from possible injuries and it is easier to clean the pieces.

As much as possible, avoid using one large and long sheet of glass for railing glass stairs. Instead, use several pieces of glass arranged together. The goal is to prevent the glass break easily and stand taller upright. This trick will also make it easier for you to install stair railings that have many angles. One thing you should also know, the thicker the railing of the glass stairs, the less likely it is to crack easily.

Maintaining glass staircase railing is quite as easy as caring for a window. The only equipment needed is a spray bottle liquid, glass cleaner, and a soft textured cloth. Spray the cleaning liquid onto the glass surface, then wipe it clean and shiny. Perform routine maintenance, at least once a week.

Glass material will not absorb stains. However, if there are stains must be cleaned immediately to avoid the appearance of mold and crust. The rest of the cleaning fluid must also be dried thoroughly so as not to leave marks. Adding aesthetic value is important, but security is far more important. Please consider all possibilities before presenting a glass staircase railing in your home.

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