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Want to change the appearance of your house without spending a lot of money? Giving your home a new coat of colour is among the simplest methods to do this. As much as you can select the colour of your walls yourselves, it will most likely take a long time, and you will have to think about obtaining colour all over the area. More significantly, you don’t always get the same appearance as an expert painting work. House painting services singapore available for you and they work best according to your requirements. 

The Advantages of Painting Your House

Aside from enhancing the appearance of your house, painting it has many functional advantages, including:

It is helpful to preserve the exterior of your walls:

Your walls paints are wear and tear through the years, affecting your house’s whole looks and comfort. A new lick of paint improves the increase the strength of your ceilings, and it also prevents coating scratches and blisters, oil, grime, fungus, and moisture growth.

Helpful in increasing the value of your home:

When you’re selling a house, you’ll like to impact potential customers positively. Renovating your home is a low-cost method to making your house look fresher and perhaps even more desirable.

When you want to improve the market value of your house, professionals suggest sticking to moderate and simple themes like white, wheat, milk, and tan instead of bright colours.

Increase your house air quality:

Standard colours contain several toxic substances, including methanol, heavy metals, and Aromatic Organic Substances, which are dangerous chemicals that are detrimental to human health. VOCs can induce migraines, respiratory difficulties, droopy eyelids, vomiting, and create allergies and chest infections. According to research, long time absorption to VOCs results in lung disease.

Changing to VOC-free colours produced from organic ingredients like beeswax and fatty acids can help to decrease pollutants in the atmosphere and enhance overall home air condition. It’s beneficial for youngsters and pregnant women. According to research, long time absorption to VOCs results in lung disease.

What factors increase the price of painting services?

Many variables, including that determine the cost of painting your house like as:

Room design: Different spaces require many levels of concentration. Repainting a dining room, for example, will pay much more to paint bedrooms because it needs a base or sealing layer, and bathrooms usually require antibacterial paints. The house will influence the price, whether it is an HDB apartment, a private condo, or a landed home.

Size of the area: The more paint you need, the bigger the surface area of your house.

Internal vs exterior wall: External walls need more coats of paint to resist the elements and are usually more costly.

Colours: Adding more than one or various colours to space will inevitably raise the price.

Effect: Creating other paint effects and textures, such as sponging and fake Painting, will be more expensive.

Paint quality: Each brand provides various paints with distinct characteristics, such as glossy and matte finishes, anti-fungal, anti-mosquito, VOC-free, and more. Each will have different pricing.

Apply fresh paint: Our professional home painters would next extend your high-quality colour. The timing required for this stage varies depending on the area and the colour, but professional painters work swiftly and effectively.

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