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The Pantone color for 2021 is a bright yellow and muted gray shade. These colors appeared everywhere in fashion magazines and remained the center of attention among the fashion community. Most people also opt for these shades during online glasses shopping to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. However, you can also go for the other top-trending colors of the year for a stylish look. Some of the classic yet trendy shades for the year 2021 are as follows:


Coral was the Pantone shade a couple of years back and became a favorite of many fashion enthusiasts. It is no surprise that the color is still relevant in the industry and many people opt for this shade to elevate their look. However, this bright shade can get overwhelming for some people and may seem too out-of-the-box for a pair of glasses. In this case, you can combine neutral shades and match them with your eyeglasses. Some people also go for pink and orange hues to tone down the neon coral shade.


Neutral colors never go out of fashion and always make a style statement. You can style beige eyeglasses in numerous ways and incorporate them into your avatar. Hence, you can combine light and dark tones in a tortoiseshell design. Another way to elevate this shade is to opt for a marbled pattern on your frame. In this way, you can stay chic without an underwhelming look.

Beige shade also complements various color schemes and helps tone down or elevate their look. This shade goes well with most tones, including neutrals, neons, and bright pops of color. Hence, you can go for a neon-beige design and mute the overpowering look. You can also add this color to your wardrobe and mix and match it with your glasses for a composed vibe.


Gold is a classic shade of glasses frames for girls and comes in various materials and designs. This color is available in thin metal frames and lightweight acetate style. Gold is a versatile shade and it goes well with most outfits because of its warm undertones. Also, you can pair these glasses with a minimalistic avatar for a classic look. These eyeglasses are suitable for work, office, and parties. Besides, they pair well with summer, winter, and spring outfits because of the evergreen look. Some people also wear gold-toned frames as a fashion statement because of their luxurious appearance.


As discussed earlier, gray is the Pantone shade of this year and it appeared everywhere in the fashion industry. Some people opted for minimalistic accessories to upgrade their look and, others incorporated this shade with gray outfits. Either way, choosing this color will make you look updated with the fashion trends and put you on the map. Besides, gray is a versatile color, and you can wear it for years before it gets underwhelming. This shade also goes well with most skin tones and helps brighten your complexion.


2021 is the year of bright and fun colors, and there is no better way to incorporate them in your look other than neons. You can go all-in with Fuschia, coral, yellow, and green shades. Meanwhile, you can also opt for a subtle way to add these colors to your looks with color burst patterns on your eyeglasses. The selection of shades in the neon range also makes it easier to add more vibrancy to your avatar. Besides, you can never go wrong with a hint of color and a ton of confidence.

Even though the fashion trends change every year, some of them stick to you for a lifetime. Trying the latest styles in fashion is a fun way to explore your liking and disliking. Moreover, you can always flaunt an up-to-date look if you keep up with these trends.

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