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The inexpensive alternative to a new car

Buy cheap vehicles used: Cars that are offered at low prices don’t have to be bad.

Buy cheap vehicles used: Cars that are offered at low prices don’t have to be bad.

According to statistics, there were around 8.37 million changes in ownership or sell any car Dubai throughout 2016. In these cases, a used car changed hands. So the used car market is booming. 20.1 percent of the cars registered were cars that were up to a year old – young used cars.

But where can buyers find cheap and good used cars with TÜV? What are the options for saving? Which models are recommended? What should you watch out for when buying a used car? Do you get cheap used cars from dealers or only from private customers? We answer these and other questions in the following guide.

Buying young used cars cheaply: bargains in various price ranges

Focus magazine has picked out cheap young used alfa romeo in san diego and filtered out the best bargains under 5,000 euros.. The cars are up to seven years old. For these comparatively low prices, however, buyers have to make some compromises.

On the one hand, these vehicles often have a high mileage of well over 100,000 kilometers. On the other hand, there are mainly small and small cars in this price range, but also some mid-range models. Families who need a larger car usually have to spend a little more money to buy a suitable vehicle.

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Where can I find used cheap cars?

Those who do not value a brand-new car or who do not deter change to afford one opt for a used car. This is a vehicle that had at least one previous owner. The spectrum ranges from modern, young used vehicles to old rattling boxes that have already covered many kilometers.

Since there are o blatant differences here, it is difficult to deter change cheap used cars should be made Furthermore, it is not only the vehicle itself that matters but also the buyer’s expectations What one calls a bargain is still unaffordable for the other.

For this reason, the following advice and tips point out what you should generally consider when buying a used car and how you can save – regardless of the price range of the car.

Car purchase from private: Here you can save particularly

If you are looking for inexpensive used cars, the first thing to consider is where you want to buy the car. You have various options here. As a rule, you can save the most by buying cheap used cars from private customers. Corresponding offers can be found in the classified ads in the daily press or special advertising papers. There are also portals on the Internet in which advertisements can be placed, as well as private car exchanges. And the good old note with the words “For sale” can still be found on vehicles.

The private purchase is particularly recommended if you are looking for a cheap used car. According to the expatcarbuy rs, used cars that you buy from a private person are on average around eight percent cheaper than comparable models that you can get from a dealer. However, for the fact that used cars are particularly cheap, buyers also have to expect some disadvantages. There is less security, since private sellers, unlike traders, can include a liability exclusion in the purchase contract.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying from a dealer?

When people are looking for a cheap used car, they may not immediately think about buying from the dealer. As already mentioned, used cars offered by a dealer are on average eight percent more expensive than when they are sold privately.

The reasons why less cheap used cars are offered by dealers are obvious: They want to earn money selling them. Not only does his livelihood depend on the sale, in a larger company the wages for the employees must also be secured and other fixed costs must be paid.

For the slightly higher price, however, customers also benefit from advantages. As already mentioned, dealers must grant the legally stipulated liability for material defects. As a rule, this is two years, but it can be shortened to one year for used vehicles. However, this is only possible if this is explicitly noted in the purchase agreement – you should therefore check the document carefully before you put your signature on it.

If you buy a used car from a dealer, you can also generally assume that the car has been thoroughly checked in advance. Besides, you will usually find cheap used cars with a current MOT – so you have confirmation that the car is in a roadworthy condition. Nevertheless, you should not forego a careful appraisal or an extensive test drive before buying.

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