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Kosher smartphone

The smart cellular device is one of the most popular and common means of communication in the religious community. Using smartphones you can communicate with each other including with important rabbis and of course work. But what is a ​kosher smartphone​? How do we know we are buying a kosher and not a fake smartphone? Full details in the article


What is a kosher smartphone?

A kosher smartphone is a cellular smart device that includes kosher on behalf of the rabbinate. A kosher stamp is behind the device, and a device without a kosher stamp is not a kosher device. You can find a kosher Hidbraut smartphone on the Hidbraut website and find quite a bit of information about it. You will also find kosher smartphones at different prices and you will also find older smartphones at a more affordable price


Who is a kosher smartphone suitable for?

Kosher smartphones are suitable for the population that maintains the religious and ultra-Orthodox tradition. Smartphones are advanced and sophisticated devices that include all the various important applications. Among the various applications, you will find applications related to banks, various institutions, the HMO and more. You can also talk in the various chat .apps as well as use email and send messages


Where can I buy a kosher smartphone?

You can buy the kosher smartphone in the various smartphone stores, computer stores and more according to your personal needs. The prices of the smartphones range from low prices of 700 NIS to more expensive prices of 3000 and above. You will find on the Hidbraut Smartphone website Kosher Hidbraut and information on the various smartphones

What is the difference between​ kosher smartphones ​and non-smart devices

The kosher smart devices are highly advanced devices that include a kosher stamp and do not contain offensive and sexual content, violent content and more. That means all the content there is filtered through an advanced filtering app. In contrast, on non-kosher smartphones, the content is not kosher and contains offensive and sexual content, violent content and more. This means that there is no control over the content that appears while browsing the phone. That is to say, in fact, it is about a smartphone similar to a secular smartphone


Advantages of a kosher smartphone

If you are about to purchase a new smartphone, you should buy a kosher smartphone that includes a kosher stamp behind the phone on behalf of the rabbinate. In a smart mobile device you will find the following benefits

Full filtering of the content – All the content that is on the smartphone is content that has been carefully filtered by the best of the various rabbis and is suitable for viewing by both adults and children

Safe surfing – surfing on a kosher smartphone is a completely safe surfing that has been carefully filtered and you have received a kosher stamp

No offensive content – on the kosher smartphone you will not find offensive content as there is on the secular phone

Without violent content – on the kosher smartphone you will not find verbal and physical violent content as there is on secular phones

Without sexual content – on the kosher smartphone you will not find sexual content that is not suitable for younger children or even adults

These advantages make the kosher smartphone the best and most effective device for the religious person who keeps the tradition according to his personal needs. Therefore when buying a smartphone it is important that it contains a kosher stamp of the rabbinate and is completely safe to use

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