Tue. May 28th, 2024
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In the present times, everything is moving one step ahead, and digitalizing the crypto world is not an exception. The crypto market is booming rapidly, as many people are investing and showing interest. The crypto digital currency provides the facility to invest in both short and long terms. 

The good news is amazing all-in-one crypto trading application is finally present in the market. Good Crypto – the best cryptocurrency trading terminal that keeps swiftness with the time and far excels its predecessors. 

If you are one of the skilled and experienced crypto traders you remember those times when Coinigy was just released and was flourishing on the open spaces of the cryptocurrency. But where did Coinigy’s success gone? 

Let’s ponder by having a brief Coinigy Review!

Do you know Coingly is the second one of the most famous crypto trading applications among the people? It earned its popularity in the year 2015. It was considered as the first advantageous app to use, and it still gives a facility to trace your portfolios on 43 exchanges, covers 5000 coins, has Trading View charting features and advanced orders over some exchanges. Maybe this was something exceptional for 2015, but nowadays this is far from supreme. 

No trading on iPhone Operating System, unreasonably high-priced subscriptions, no presence exchange listing, and no market alerts, no futures and no facility of automated trading, and the list is not ending here. The bad thing is that the Telegram community is nearly not functioning and there are many horrid bugs such as balance not updating after you canceled the orders. The significant information about the execution of your assets is not accessible as well.

Nothing to worry about, the years have passed and a substitute is available now. The crypto trading app is far better in quality with no such failures as Coinigy and it provides everything and even more – A Good Crypto App.

The major dissimilarity between Good Crypto and its competitors is that the app is progressing regularly, it is trying to facilitate the best trading experience to its clients and does not confine the user to wait for a miracle to happen – it continuously enhances, and grows today and now. Interestingly, the application developers introduced some amazing user-friendly newest and most needed features, unlike its competitors. 

  • Smart/Auto Alerts

In the crypto world, the prices keep on changing. It is really important for the crypto purchaser to get to know about latest crypto rates whether it goes high or down. 

The unexpected price changes, topmost 25 coins vs BTC rate changes, uppermost Defi coins price changes, retail summary 1 to 24 times each day, and Portfolio also changes & this isn’t even the full list of the alerts you will receive from Good Crypto, but won’t receive via other crypto trading apps.

  • Advanced Portfolio Tracking


Another major advantage of using the crypto app is you can conveniently track your investment portfolio. You can check the financial dashboard and perform financial management & planning according to the movement of the currency value. You can keep an eye on your portfolio’s performance every second and receive the updated information regarding its performance. 

  • Advanced and Automate Order Types

Good Crypto allows you to trade smartly. With the support of Trailing Stop Limit orders and Trailing Stop Market, you can peacefully enjoy trading! In addition to that, the app user can get the chance to use automated order types and link Stop Loss and withdraw profit to your orders. 


Gleb Myrko

Crypto Marketer & CEO Rgray.io 




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