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Pretty Jewellery

Any look remains incomplete without jewellery! Whether it is a plain nose ring, earring or necklace or an over the top huge necklace, heavy earrings and embellished bangles, wearing jewellery enhances the look in the most beautiful way.  

You must have a good collection of jewellery for every occasion. But do you have a versatile collection that have these beautifully designed jewellery of different types? Have a dekko at these different jewellery worn by Indian women with love and pride!

  1. Antique Jewellery 

Are you in for old world charm? Antique jewellery has burnished gold and copper metal finish with a subtle shine that looks attractive to those with a fine taste in jewellery. It is making its own special place in contemporary Indian jewellery. They have ethnic look and are appropriate for a classy and sophisticated look. Even if you want to rock a boho look with your simple gown dress on a mundane evening, go for it! 

  1. Meenakari Jewellery

Adored for its attractive and eye-catching colours, meenakari jewellery has its origin in Persia. There are gold designs on enamel and embedded kundan stones which are a speciality of meenakari jewellery. Some of these jewellery are even available with two side designs so that you can reverse it and get to wear a new design. So now you know why these are loved s much!

  1. Navratna Jewellery

The word ‘navratna’ means nine precious stones. As the name suggests, the jewellery is embellished with nine precious stones and is believed to bring good luck for the person who wears it. So you can gift this to your loved ones as a good luck charm. It is a luxurious jewellery which is ideal for a special occasion like your wedding. If you want to add that extra oomph factor in your bridal look, get yourself a navratna jewellery.

  1. Mango Mala Set

It is a traditional piece of jewellery which stands as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.  They are majorly seen as south Indian bridal jewellery. They are ornamented with precious stones and may also have peacocks or any other symbol of Indian culture. If you want to wear gold with a traditional touch, add this jewellery to your collection.

  1. Filigree Jewellery

Want to look like a royal princess or even a queen? This beautiful jewellery with gold and silver designs can make your royal dreams come to life. The filigree jewellery sets are exquisite and elegant. Wear them for a sophisticated occasion where you want to leave a great impression.

  1. Kaasu Maalai

A jewellery which will take you back in time with the first sight! Kaasu maalais are made by arranging small mangas or gold coins in a beautiful pattern or design. It is a favourite bridal necklace for south Indian brides. They may also have beautiful precious stones embedded in them in style for enhancing the look. They look absolutely lovely with silk sarees. So for a beautiful and traditional look you can try a silk saree with kaas maalai.

  1. Kundan Jewellery

One of the most expensive but also one of the most loved by Indian women- Kundan jewellery. The pretty designs reflects the expertise of the skilled artisans. It is a mughal jewellery so you can imagine how it is carrying the touch of royalty with it. It has also been polished under the patronage of Rajasthani aristocrats adding more details and designs to it. Its intricate and attractive designs have made it a top choice of brides all over India. 

  1. Gold Jewellery

You obviously won’t be surprised of this jewellery as it is the most common jewellery all over India. South Indian jewellery is especially fraught with gold metal and is worn with pride. Women love to wear it daily. From traditional to trendy, gold jewellery is available in an array of beautiful designs. It is preferred for every event of a wedding. 

  1. Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds are women’s love and they deserve to be with all the sparkle and twinkle they throw. It is hard to imagine any other ring as your engagement ring other than diamond. Apart from its shine, diamonds are perfectly suitable for any occasion or dress which saves the day for any girl or woman while choosing what to wear. They are sophisticated, chic, classy and beautiful! So if you believe in the idea- go big or go home then diamonds are the best pick for you.

  1. Silver Jewellery

Simple and plain yet striking and stylish, that’s silver jewellery for you! From nose ring to anklets, silver can be designed into pretty jewellery which can win anyone’s heart in a jiffy. Rural areas seem to be the hub of these jewellery with the traditional designs but cities have given a new trendy look to silver which makes an outstanding statement.

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