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The holiday season is upon us and that means finding new great gift ideas for the people in your life. If your parents are part of the baby boomer generation, then you might want to think of ways to excite your parents and get them ready for the next time you see them!

For that reason, one great gift idea for the special baby boomers in your life is to get a fun board game or other kind of game on the market. If you are looking for some wonderful ideas, then you have absolutely come to the right place.

Let’s get started.

Boom Again

One really big trend among baby boomers is for them to gravitate towards things that remind them of a simpler time. For that reason, one of the best games on the market circulates around the world the way it was when boomers were young, wild and free! Boom Again is a fun and challenging trivia game that will test them when it comes to just how much they remember about the generations of the past.


The truth is that Monopoly is never going to go anywhere when it comes to its place near the top of the most popular and beloved trivia board games of all time. These are great for boomers not only because it is really easy to remember the rules, but also because it really is a different game when it’s all adults playing. It’s going to be quite fun as you all compete for economic domination, just the way the game’s creators intended!


This two-player board game is one of the oldest in the entire world. It’s a simple enough game to learn, but is quite hard to master as some people spend decades upon decades mastering the strategy of the game. Not only is it a really fun game, but there are also some truly beautiful backgammon games that can come at a hefty price. That means that you can get your folks a great game that won’t just look great on their shelf, but also on their coffee table as a little table dressing.


Another absolute classic. Scrabble word is a great game for dictionary lovers and book readers. Of course, Scrabble challenges players to come up with great words that come with different scores. Just be prepared to lose if one of your parents has an exceptionally great vocabulary.


Pictionary is classic for game night when your parents are having people over. This is another word game but is far more active than Scrabble. If you get a Pictionary for your folks, just make sure that you pick your teammate to be the best drawer in the family. Drawing is a major aspect of Pictionary so it encourages players to be creative as well!


Now that you have some great ideas for board games to get your boomer parents, it’s time to do some investigating and learn which option would be the best for your parents. Good luck!

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