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Lying about the start time

If you have hosted a party before, then you know there are friends who are going to show up on time, but there are some who are going to hit two or three other parties before they come to yours to party for the rest of the night. To ensure your party has a steady flow of people, you should have different start and end times for different people. Tell those who keep time to show up at 10 pm while telling those who tend to be late to show up at 8 pm. Most of the guest are going to show up on time.

Picking a theme

A great party always has a theme. Many people get excited with the thought of buying costumes and it puts them on a party mode. Costumes are great conversation starters and bring the group closer together. Costumes parties don’t have to be as complicated as super creative 80s or toga parties – it can be as simple as a Seven Deadly Sins party, a Rubik’s Cube party, or a hat party. There are endless options to choose from, and everyone at the party is going to have a little more fun. You should let your guests know about the theme so none show up looking stupid. Provide plenty of props like glow products, toys and more.

Making a party playlist

This is one of the most important things when planning a party because no one wants to be in a party with bad music and an even worse atmosphere. The night before the party, take some time to make a long playlist and start playing it the moment the guests start arriving. If you have enough time, you time the playlist so you can have a couple of hours of chatting tunes, then ragers for guests to dance to, and the last hour is relaxing music for rounding things off. Having a playlist is also a good idea because it is going to help you avoid instances where guests grab the iPod and put their jams.

Do not get totally wasted

You might think you have the freedom to drink as much as you want because it is your party, but you should be a little sober if you want to remember how great your party was. It is easy to get drunk because you are in the comfort of your home and everyone is egging you – but it can be embarrassing for the guest to get drunk. You have the chance of shining, talking to people, and initiating a dance-off, not the time to pass out in the toilet.

Making introductions

There is nothing worse than having a room full of people but not of them are talking to each other. You should be the one to get people to start talking because you are the host- the common thing between all of them is you. Some ways to encourage socializing is by instigating games or dancing, hiring a magician, or even playing cupid. The goal is to get guests talking. When people start making friends, everything else becomes easier.

Lock doors

If you have roommates, you don’t want strangers to enter their rooms when looking for a bathroom. Make sure you lock these doors and ensure your bathroom door has a lock – you don’t want your guests to walk in on others in the toilet.

Planning your exit strategy

It can seem like a hard task to have an exit strategy when you are the one hosting, but you are going to wish you had one when the sun comes up and you still have ‘friends of friends’ on your couch. A good option is walking around your home with PJs on and brushing your teeth. If you try this at it doesn’t work, then start playing the worst possible music – hardcore metal or 90’s pop should do the trick.

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