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Great Web Design Complements a Website’s SEO

Web design and SEO are not separate elements of your business website. To do both correctly, the two concepts must work together. Both consumers and search engines care about how your website looks and its general feel more than you think. Even if Google and other search engines cannot ‘see’ your website as people do, it can detect whether or not the site has a responsive design, and this can strengthen your SEO.

Building rapport with consumers and search engines takes more than just using the right keywords in your content. Here, White Peak Digital lists the different ways you can ensure your website is appealing to both consumers and search engines.

Responsive design

In 2017, Google announced that it was going to start indexing mobile-friendly websites first. In previous years, the desktop version of websites used to get indexed first. But things changed when Google started rolling out its mobile-first program. This is because a larger fraction of web traffic comes from smartphones and other handheld devices.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to consult with a reputable web design agency if you plan to design or redesign your website. The agency can spend some time perfecting the mobile version of a site. This will ensure that your business website is appealing to users who prefer accessing information via mobile devices. It’s also a huge plus for your SEO strategy.

User-friendly also means search engine friendly

When visitors to your business website browse around and leave because they cannot find what they were looking for, you can call it a lost sale, but Google and other search engines call it a bounce.

As Google algorithm improves, what’s good for search engines is also good for users and vice versa. That means when you are designing your business website, it’s essential to pay attention to critical elements such as navigation, overall layout, and other elements that make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Just think about it; if your website users spent more time on your website, there is a high chance of more engagement and higher conversion rates. If more people are visiting your website and spending more time on your site, Google and other search engines will be impressed.

Great content

The quality and relevance of your content directly impact your SEO. Google loves websites with intuitive and clear content structure. Your website pages should be easy to follow and have the right keywords placed in the right places. The content should also be original and helpful to the target audience.

Other aspects of your website that work hand-in-hand with the SEO include your site map and overall layout. If your internal linking structure isn’t making sense to you, it will not make sense to users as well. And this could affect your rankings in organic search because most search engines will find it challenging to index your website properly.

Unless you are an experienced web designer, it’s best to avoid DIY web design. Hire a web design agency that can create a platform that’s best for your target audience, resonates with your brand, and is search-engine friendly.

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