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There has been a growing demand for tutors in today’s time. With the use of the Internet and advanced technologies, smart phones and apps, there has been an increasing need for online tutors in our country. Online tutor jobs in India are one of the most sought-after part time or work-from-home jobs, especially for women. When you are in an online job, the location hardly matters.  With the teleconferencing technology, India’s education sector has opened up a great number of opportunities in online tutoring, be it as subject matter experts, online tutors, coach, mentor, and so on. 

Difference between online teaching and online tutoring

There is a thin line of difference between online teaching and online tutoring. While in teaching, you have to teach the students your subject specialization in an online mode, in case of online tutoring you provide extensive help to a student with a subject that the student is being taught elsewhere. 

Roles and responsibilities in online tutor jobs

  • In the tutor job profile, the candidate has to provide learning support to students, via a web-based video conferencing system. 
  • The learning support can be for a single subject or for all subjects. The online tutors have to choose the subject/s that they have specialized or comfortable with.
  • Online tutors also help students to develop independent study skills
  • They should also be involved in marketing and partnerships to acquire students
  • Like a normal school teacher, an online tutor should also monitor and evaluate the progress of a student and report on his/her improvements and failures to the parents or the guardian.  

How can you be in online tutor jobs?

If you are passionate about teaching, if you have the necessary skills and qualifications, tutor jobs can be a good option for you. You can be in a tutor job in different levels, right from K-12 to college and adult education.

  • Usually, the minimum educational requirement is a bachelors’ degree. Some employers prefer a master’s or doctorate degree.
  • Many companies hire candidates in tutor jobs having teaching experience either in the classroom or online. 
  • Trainings are provided to teachers for the job. In most cases, training is provided free of cost. However, some places may charge for training.
  • There are many teaching or coaching institutes in India that are providing online tutoring to students based in U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia. So in tutor jobs, there are many professionals who work full-time during day-time in their offices and use the night hours to teach international students online. 
  • With experience, you can also set up your own tutoring center and start your own tutor jobs.


  • One of the best work-from-home jobs is tutor jobs. Forget about commuting. Free from distractions, no boss, no administrative stress
  • Good pay package without stepping out of your home. You can have as many students as possible. 
  • You can have students from any part of the world. This gives you a different exposure.
  • Being an online mode of teaching, you can teach many students at the same time
  • Perfect work balance
  • You can do your full-time job as well and devote part-time hours for online tutoring

Success Tips

  • Be a dedicated teacher
  • Even if the student is not in front of you physically, yet make him or her feel your presence as and when required
  • You should have an entrepreneurial bent of mind to do well in tutor jobs. Keep on experiment with new ideas, use tools and marketing techniques to get more students
  • Interpersonal skills to build a rapport with the students 
  • Good communication skills, both verbally and in writing
  • Technical skills related to using computers and digital tools

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