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The 186 Visa is a permanent resident work visa for skilled foreign nationals who intend to work and live in Australia. To acquire this visa, an applicant needs to qualify skill test and receive nomination from an Australian employer that is valid. It is one of the most popular visas to migrate to Australia and live their permanently. This visa is also identified as Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186 and it enables employers to get skilled and qualified workers and meet skill shortages.

Applicants can apply for 186 visa through their employer and in that case both the applicant and the employer have to meet certain requirements and submit a number of documents. To begin with the 186 visa Australia application process, you need to fill the main application form in its entirety including a declaration of the visa sponsorship payment on behalf of the employer. If there is any mention of child or dependant person in the visa application form, the applicant must also attach their forms.

Therefore, a guide about the document checklist for Australian 186 visa is provided below.

  1. Identity documents
  2. A full colour scanned copy of current passport of the applicant and other members that include the biographical page and other pages showing the stamps
  3. Copy of birth certificate or any other identification issued by court or goverment
  4. Driving license (Australia)
  5. Driving license (International)
  6. National ID card (if home country issues)
  7. A signed photographic ID if available


  1. Residence documents

The following documents must the produced before proceeding with the application process

  • No other documents are required if the applicant can furnish the current driving licence as mentioned earlier
  • Phone or utility bills


  1. Qualification and skill assessment documents

You need to provide the following relevant documents at your disposal

  1. Providing a detailed resume is mandatory that would clearly explain the work and education history
  2. Qualifications must be listed in the resume (certificates of graduation and transcripts of report card)
  • Certified translations of Qualification mentioned in resume (certificates of graduation and transcripts of report card)
  1. All licenses and industry certified listed in the resume
  2. Letters or statement related to service rendered which are signed and on official letterhead of the company from previous employers
  3. Current skill assessment documents like VETASSESS, TRA etc.
  • RPL certificate issued by RTO if applicable

Make sure to provide a detailed and comprehensive resume where the job responsibilities with each of your former employers relevant to the position you wish to be nominated are mentioned. Only those qualifications need to be translated which are relevant to 186 visa application.

  1. English language competency documents

Either the applicant must qualify in one of the following English language tests or prove 5 years of education where the medium of instruction was English.

  • TOEFL, IELTS, OET, PTE or CAE (immediately prior to 3 years)
  • Proof of 5 years of secondary or higher secondary studies in English

Applicants from countries like USA, UK, Canada, Northern Ireland and NZ are not required to prove their English proficiency.

  1. Past and present service documents

The documents must be provided for at least the last two employers.

  • Employment agreements with signature
  • Payslips of at least last two months which shows the applicant’s name, job responsibilities and gross or net pay
  • Bank statements which shows transfer of funds from employer


  1. Secondary applicant’s documents
  2. Passport bio page of each secondary applicant (full color scans)
  3. Marriage certificate if married
  4. De facto registration for de facto couple
  5. Birth certificate or adoption records of children
  6. Household registration or family book which shows all members of the family
  7. Adoption records/custodial orders/court orders

Secondary applicants include spouse or partner and children/dependants not more than 23 years of age

  1. Documents for character and health

Whether the family members of the applicant migrates or not, detailed information about them is to be provided along with health declarations.

Past travel history and visa applications

  1. Form 80. Travel history of the last 10 years is to be provided including informations like destination, date and reason for travelling to all the countries.
  2. Past visa applications for entering or staying in Australia
  3. Past visa refusals or cancellations for Australia or other countries

Police clearance certificates

  1. Australian Federal Police Clearance certificate
  2. National Police Clearance certificate (international)
  3. Local or Regional Police Clearance Certificate (international)

Police certificates are required for visa applicants of all countries who are more than 16 years of age and who have stayed for more than 1 year in the last 10 years.

Family and other particulars

  1. FORM 80 – Legal names of parents, children and siblings in full
  2. FORM 80 – Citizenship, visa status, marital status of children, parents and siblings
  3. FORM 80 – Names, birth dates and marriage dates of in-laws

Parents, siblings and children that include both dependent and non-dependent children are considered as family. Uncles, cousins and grandparents will not be considered as family.

Health related documents

  1. Health assessment can be done either before or after lodging the 186 visa application
  2. For Australian visas health assessment to be done within the last 1 year
  3. Need to provide declarations and medical reports if there is any chronic illness or serious health conditions

Also need to provide recent health examination reports or declarations.

Instructions to be followed

All the documents listed above may not be relevant to you. It is best to seek assistance from Immigration Agent Adelaide if you are unsure. All official documents in foreign languages must come with a translated copy that is certified by appropriate legal entity. The scanned documents must be fully coloured, clear and readable. Be careful about hazy texts on the page because they may be rejected. Incomplete documents may be accepted. The size of the file should not be more than 5MB. If necessary, larger files must be compressed. If you need any further clarification, the registered migration agents can help.


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