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Tree removal in Toronto is a costly affair and requires more than a couple of hundred bucks. The process starts with seeking permission from the community council for the related area, to approve your request they first need a report issued by an arborist in a professional tree service firm. The charges are on a per tree basis for both the council and arborist.

Don’t get confused because there are different rules for public and private property. Trees in Toronto are supervised by the city’s Parks, Forestry & Recreation department. They decide on which trees require maintenance and which one needs to be chopped down. The laws vary based on the type of property, i.e. private property, city streets, ravines, and parks. For private property, if the tree is 1.4m or over, there is a formal process to be followed.

Before contacting a tree removal service in Toronto, ensure all your paperwork is in place, and the fees have been paid to the community council and private arborist.

Everything is not a DIY opportunity

The danger of cutting down a tree is its weight if it falls in the wrong direction it can cause a lot of damage. With power tools these days everything seems easy, but hands-on experience is very important for any tool. They all look very easy to handle in the hands of a professional, but in reality, they are pretty heavy and dangerous.

Cutting down a tree is generally not a good idea, and there should be a valid reason for wanting it removed from your property. Most trees shed their leaves in Fall and only start growing again after Winter. While this makes the landscape looks bleak, it is better than having a line of tree stumps that need to be removed after they dry out.

According to experts, the best time to trim or cut down a tree is between the end of Fall/ Autumn and the beginning of Spring when they are dormant. Trees that have shed all their leaves can lend a very desolate and grim look to the landscape. So, for those living in cold countries that see a lot of snow, an indoor garden might be the ideal option. If you’d like to do something more meditative and challenging, invest in bonsai trees for the indoors. city of toronto tree removal To avoid needing to enquire anything from an expert, buy a couple of books on the subject. Otherwise, there is always the internet to look for solutions.

In Toronto, you can’t expect just to plant a tree and let it grow healthy by magic, a couple of minutes will be required every few days to provide it nourishment and remove the dead branches. If you have more than a dozen trees on your property, hire a tree maintenance service for them. Trimming will be required too once the trees have grown beyond 8m or so. It’s just as well that special permission is required for tree felling in Toronto; without it, we would not have a tree population of over 10 million.


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