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Checking out hotels in Pondicherry for your next trip? Want to simply laze around, chill out and have some fun at the same time? Here’s a handy Pondy guide just for you!


1) Soaking in the sunrise

All you’ll have to do is wake up early once! Pondicherry is full of some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the country along with tons of promenades where you can simply soak in the sunrise, marvelling in the sheer divinity of Nature when that speck of red starts becoming bigger over the Bay of Bengal.


2) Visiting Paradise Beach Island and Chunnambar Boat House

Simply go boating all you want over the Chunnambar River and enjoy the spectacular view of the backwaters and plantations. The boats will take you all the way till the gorgeous Paradise Island or Plage Paradiso. Chill out, sunbathe and relax all you want with great sunset views for company.

3) Bird watching at Ousteri Lake

Ousteri or Osudu Lake is one of the biggest man-made freshwater lakes in Pondicherry with marshes and mudflats galore. This lovely lake offers amazing views during sunset and that’s not all. You can literally spend an entire day bird watching here since there are several migratory birds present here.

4) Sunbathing at Serenity Beach

Love the sun? Soak it up and sunbathe all you want with occasional dips in the cool waters of the sea when you visit Serenity Beach. This beach is surrounded by plantations and is a great place to sunbathe and chillax in the shacks away from the madding crowds.

5) Hogging on a mixture of French and regional cuisine

Yes, what vacation is complete without satiating that raging fire in your belly? Pondicherry is a food lover’s paradise as well! Try everything from French and continental cuisine to traditional south-Indian dishes across several restaurants. The Lighthouse, Café des Arts, La Pasta, Kasha ki Asha, Baker Street, Villa Shanti, Rendezvous, Le Club and La Coromandale & Surguru are top picks. Hit the gastronomic trail, filling up on dishes like Coq au vin (chicken casserole), Quiche, Salad Nicoise, Beef Steak with French fries, Bouillabaisse fish stew and crepes and pancakes.

6) Some shopping of course!

Yes, we get your need to shop it out while on vacation! Pondicherry offers some of the best aromatic candles, incense sticks, paper items, essential oils and metal artefacts that you can snap up in addition to several mementos, souvenirs, handicrafts and cotton outfits. You can try La Boutique d’Auroville, Kalki Boutique and Geethanjali for curios, sculptures, furniture, paintings, trinkets, stoles, scarves, clothing, paper knick-knacks and essentials oils among other attractions!

7) Embrace serenity at Sri Aurobindo Ashram & Auroville

Connect with your spiritual self amidst the calming ambience of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Spend some time taking in one of Pondicherry’s biggest landmarks and learn more about the fascinating life of Shri Aurobindo and his contributions to the country. There is a bookshop cum souvenir store where you can pick up greeting cards, perfumed candles and books among other items.

Auroville, was founded by Shri Aurobindo’s spiritual successor, The Mother. This quaint, serene village settlement will captivate you with its sheer peace. View the Matri Mandir along with visiting the boutiques, café, bookshop and restaurants. The Auroville Beach is another natural paradise nearby. You can learn craft making and producing indigo-dyed clothing, incense manufacturing and body care from the residents of Auroville if you’re in the mood for some creative satisfaction.

8) Chill out at Bharathi Park

Chill and relax in style at Bharathi Park with some fresh air for company. This is where you will find several exquisite plants, a toy train (good for the kids), musical fountain, aquarium and lovely walking trails. The Aayi Mandapam in the centre is a big attraction as well. The park is easily accessible and is the perfect place to unwind by simply doing nothing.

Gather your thoughts, rejuvenate your senses and prepare yourself for newer challenges while on your Pondicherry trip. The above mentioned guide will help you enjoy the city’s charm while indulging your unchained, lazy and wanderer’s soul at the same time! Pondicherry promises to be a wonderful experience and should definitely be on your list of must-visits!

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