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The brand new Micro Maxi Deluxe has again created a sensation in the market by presenting its high-end kick scooter providing updated and extraordinary features for the children between 5-12 years of age.

It can also be termed as one of the best props for children which give them an ideal reason to have some outdoor play as these days in the technological world even a 2-year kid gets indulged in mobile phones and play games which leave them making a couch potato in no time. -The same thing as how some adults find riding Xootr kick scooters fun and comfortable. Both kick scooters for kids and adults provide notable features.


Some Salient features of Micro Maxi Deluxe

  1. The Company has launched this model in eight different colours (Aqua, black, blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow) to enjoy the varying taste having a colour-coordinated anodized stem.
  2. The supreme dual injection deck offers a specific anti-slip micro logo which provides better grip while riding the scooter.
  3. The greatest flexibility action of this scooter enables the kids to cover the sidewalk just like the skateboard, with the handlebar providing better control and flexibility.
  4. With the help of the body weight and handlebar, children use to tilt and turn and hence resulting in an effortless and safe turn.
  5. The top quality polyurethane wheels and a flexible fibreglass strengthened deck provide the velvety and peaceful ride. The blend of the two absorbs the shock and jerk in the sidewalk.
  6. Its safety is accredited by CPSC and is recommended for the children up to 150lbs bodyweight.
  7. The scooter has a removable stem which can be removed when not in use and the best part is that if any of the parts get damaged can be replaced and is easily available in the market and hence it allows your Micro Maxi to last forever.
  8. Its robust and award-winning construction, flexible and lightweight attributes make it an ideal scooter for urban and suburban pavements.
  9. The scooter has an incredible Swiss design and adjustable handlebars which can be adjusted from 24” up to 35.5” from the deck.
  10. All Micro Maxi deluxe are known for their award-winning products, high-end quality and long-lasting functionality.

Final words for safety As it is said that ‘safety begins from you’, so we suggest you wear helmets and knee pads while driving the scooter.

  • Before riding the scooter it is advisable to tighten up the handlebar clamp to desired support by using the supplied tool kit.

Your kids are definitely going to enjoy and love such kind of ride and the unprecedented experience it offers. Even you’ll love the years of fun and exercise of yours involved in it. All this makes it one of the most ideal presents which you can give to your child.

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