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Citizen Watch for Women

Reports claim that Citizen watches for women were first produced in the year 1980 and fitted with the world’s smallest movement. Since then, the brand has travelled for decades with new collections frequently. Starting from the simple yet stylish Citizen Axiom to the major collabs like Disney. The brand also offers Eco Drive Citizen watches for women, which have remained one of the top choices for watch lovers. With a distinct bold design, they continue to steal the show with their functionality, sustainability, and style.

Citizen watches for women are crafted to draw out a sense of awe from everyone that lays eyes on them. With a desire to protect and nurture nature, the brand is conscious of its collections and the materials used to create a greener future. But not at the expense of looking fabulous.

Here is a look at the coveted collections of Citizen watches for women and their iconic designs that you should definitely keep an eye out for:


One of the best Eco-Drive models, Citizen watches for women, has been leading the watch industry. These timepieces, made from high-quality materials, are currently all the rage in the sustainable accessory market. They function by transforming any light (interior light, fluorescent light, desk light, sunlight, etc.) into energy using built-in solar cells that power the watches. The extra energy is kept in a power cell for later use. When fully charged, Eco-Drive Citizen watches for women can function for a month, even in the dark, without needing to change the batteries on a regular basis. Eco-Drive is the most commonly used light cell because it generates power more efficiently and capably. The Eco-Drive cell sits directly beneath the dial. The Eco-Drive Ring, on the other hand, has ring-shaped, as the name suggests. Unlike the other variety, the cell in these models encircles the dial and sits above it.


Inspired by the four elements of nature, Fire, Air, Earth and Water, the AMBILUNA collection of Citizen watches for women shows you “The miracle of being at one with nature”. It is all about celebrating nature and seeking beauty and comfort in the way that the universe works. Every detail of the silhouette is crafted to reflect an aspect of nature. The dial mimics the vibrancy of butterfly wings. They glimmer and change colour when exposed to light with every little movement you make. The watch band is knitted using recycled clothes and plastic bottles with a porous configuration so that your skin can breathe while it takes on a subtle shimmer. Moreover, the knitting technique ensures that the right amount of yarn is used and that nothing is wasted or lost. AMBILUNA also has stainless steel bands which reflect the magnificent sand-ripple patterns.

AMBILUNA has two editions to the collection- AMBILUNA 1st and AMBILUNA 2nd. Under the AMBILUNA collection, Citizen watches for women has four series:


Coloured in bold, dark hues of red and black, this series symbolises the magical way in which the night horizon slowly sees the light of day. It comes with an interchangeable stainless steel mesh strap, while the dial is decorated with four of Citizen’s lab-grown diamonds. The 10-hour marker uses gold to mark Citizen’s 10th anniversary.


Inspired by the bare geological landscape formed over aeons, EARTH is all about celebrating the redolence of time. The silhouettes come in glorious gold and brown palette, symbolising the bounty of the Earth. The dial of these Citizen watches for women is accented with one single lab-grown diamond at the 12-hour mark. Like FIRE, it also features interchangeable stainless steel mesh bands that give you a comfortable fit on the wrist.


It is all about dancing freely like the wind and going wherever life takes you. The AIR series draws its inspiration from the subtle changes of expression that are as nuanced as the gentle caress of a breeze against your skin. Featuring a predominantly neutral palette, the aesthetic is all about keeping it minimal to represent AIR. The stainless-steel mesh band sits a round dial accented with Citizen’s signature lab-grown diamond.


Capturing the ebb and flow of water, the WATER series represents the magical attraction of the great blue deeps of the ocean. With a palette that delineates the vivid shades of blue, it is all about embodying the mystical bubbles that rise to the surface. Its interchangeable stainless steel mesh band symbolises the gorgeous sand-ripple pattern, while the dial features a single Citizen’s lab-grown diamond at the 12-hour mark.

The Round Collection

These Citizen watches for women draw inspiration from the graceful round haloed silhouette of the rising sun that wakes up the Earth slowly and gently. It brings to light the delicacy that is there in expressions. Their elegance is accentuated by mother-of-pearl dials that emit a gentle glow and subtle changes with your wrist’s every movement. The dials also use Citizen’s signature lab-grown diamonds as hour markers. Its loose-fit bracelet straps give off an air of effortless sophistication to match the relaxed, calm, yet luxurious vibe of this collection of Citizen watches for women. Featuring a versatile palette in jewel as well as neutral tones, these timepieces are the perfect accessory to spruce up your daily wear. When you want to dress up, you can go for the gold straps or coloured dials. But when you want to keep it simple with the accessory and let your outfit shine, you can try out the silver and metallic silhouettes. 

The Square Collection

While the Round collection of Citizen watches for women is all about celebrating the delicacy and softness of feminine beauty, the Square collection is radiant and looks more stylish. The bold curved sapphire glass embodies the beautiful paradox of determination and flexibility, edginess and elegance. It shimmers, shines and sparkles to make the light dance daintily off your wrist. It features beautiful mother-of-pearl dials and interchangeable, comfortable straps made from the eco-friendly material called ECOPET.

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