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When the novel coronavirus hit all the nations, the teachers had two choices; stop teaching or get creative with their mobiles and desktops. Many of them chose the latter! 

They became online yoga teachers and reaped the perks. While many were afraid to pick up their webcam, are you one of them? 

Do you want to tap into the untapped online yoga teaching industry? Your decision is worthwhile, but doing so could be daunting! 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with this guide and find out how you can start your online yoga teaching journey! 

5 Steps to Begin Teaching Yoga Online 

You might be excited to start your journey as a yoga teacher, so tighten your seatbelt, and go through the below points now! 

Decide Your Niche 

To stand out from the competitors, you need to decide the niche you want to work in and where you can prove your competence. Being a yoga teacher, you might have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours on your mat. After coming a long way, you must understand what resonates with your people. 

Your online yoga teaching business needs a clear niche. So, you need to find what makes you different from others, for instance: – 

  • Approach to overall wellness and mindfulness. 
  • Can you cater to the needs of busy people? 
  • Do you offer a free or ultimate guide for beginners? 
  • You help folks become better athletes by leveraging yoga. 
  • Are you teaching your students about creating their flows? 

Discover Yourself Style by Practising 

After you decide on your niche, it’s time to discover your online yoga teaching style. For that purpose, you must invest some time in various teaching methods on camera and find a comfortable manner. Also, you can choose from the below three kinds: – 

  • Studio Presentation (Instruct direct from your mat) 
  • Class Instruction (Record and upload to your site) 
  • Follow-along instruction (Provide instructions to students) 

Once you choose your teaching style from the above, you’re ready to follow the next step. 

Build an Online Yoga Studio Website 

Before buying a membership or service, your potential customers need in-depth information about what you’ll serve. You have to provide them with all the information. So, how do you do that? 

You can create an online yoga studio for your potential customers, where they will learn about your approach and way of teaching and inform them about the prices. Remember, you have to create a store that seems professional, easy to navigate, and offer a good user experience. 

It’s Time to Set Your Prices 

Often yoga teachers find setting the charges for their services hard. Indeed, it is difficult but not impossible. You can choose your business model from the below and select your prices: – 

  • AVOD (Ad-Based Video On Demand) 
  • TVOD (Transactional Video On Demand) 
  • SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) 

After choosing your business model, you can set your prices. Be informed that the average rate of yoga services is around $15 monthly and $150 for a yearly subscription. 

Start Finding Customers 

Now you have everything in place, including the business model, a studio website, a unique approach, and a niche. What’s more? 

Your customers! They are the most vital aspect of your business. So, how will you find them? By presenting yourself where your potential customers usually hang out. 

And yes, they are always at: – 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Youtube 
  • Vimeo 
  • Patreon 

You can find more options online yourself; these are to get you started! 

On the Final Note 

Before COVID-19, teachers spoke before a hundred gaping eyes. They used to instruct them at the location. However, every teacher has adapted to the latest technology and become tech-savvy. Yoga teachers are not an exception! They are performing their duties with the help of the internet and helping the communities get healthy and fit. 

If you are not on the web, it’s time to enter the online yoga industry and become a celebrity. So, begin your online yoga teaching journey today! 

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will begin teaching yoga online successfully and set a new benchmark. 

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