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Live broadcasting is unique in many ways and holds many advantages over prerecorded broadcasts. If you stream your events live, you will likely get more viewers, and they will watch for a longer time. Consequently, this will increase the advert revenue. Live broadcast also gives room for interactive sections. With it, viewers can be part of the show. Not many people will watch a sporting event after missing the live broadcast. Somehow, once the outcome is known, the broadcast will no longer be thrilling.

Now, to enjoy a live broadcast production, the video must be of the best quality, the images must be clear, and the sounds must be superb. Unfortunately, not many video producers can afford the cost of hi-tech equipment needed to ensure these. However, GUIÓN PARTNERS is pioneering the revolution in live broadcast production. Their innovation of cellular link technology is making high-quality live video production possible at a low cost.

The Incredible 5G HD 4k HEVC Technology

GUIÓN PARTNERS 5G HD/ 1080p60 4k HEVC complies with the modern 5G transmission and can produce high-quality live broadcasts at any time from anywhere. The patented 4k HEVC technology uses cloud production tools to ensure high-quality video and audio capacity. The technology can support multiple cameras that are stationed at different angles. Hence, there is no chance of missing any action.

You can also record and share live with drones and encoders or mix live video with prerecorded videos. This technology is, undoubtedly, one of the best things to ever happen to the broadcasting industry.

Easy-to-use Live Broadcast Tools

You don’t have to go for sophisticated equipment before you can produce high-quality live videos. You also don’t have to be a pro before you can edit and publish your content. GUIÓN PARTNERS cloud production dashboard enables you to easily combine videos captured with different smartphones, cameras, encoders, and drones. Editing is easy, and you can also quickly and conveniently add effects as you Livestream your video.

What is it For?

GUIÓN PARTNERS 5G HD/ 1080p60 4k HEVC Technology is ideal for all kinds of live production, and you can share your video on all broadcasting platforms. If you are producing sporting events, concerts, competitions, or interactive programs, this is an ideal solution for you. You can share with different media groups, broadcasters, and websites. You can also share live videos with your followers on Facebook, Youtube Channel, and other social media platforms.


GUIÓN PARTNERS is an organization that is focused on promoting and developing the entertainment industry. Established in 2005, it has helped many artists discover their potential, managed many talents, and created many tools to make video production better. The company’s activities include strategy consultation, media solution, entertainment marketing, live and prerecorded broadcast, video production, sports management, film production, talent management, among many others.

The 5G HD/ 1080p60 4k HEVC technology development for live broadcast production is among its numerous contribution to the broadcast production industry. Indeed, GUIÓN PARTNERS has forever changed live broadcast production.

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