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Hiring a consultant to help you choose the best drink can make the buying process easier and faster. Instead of spending time and effort trying to decipher what bottle is best for your budget, flavor profile, and food preferences, a professional can help make this decision for you!

Benefits of wine advisors and reading wine reviews!

Having the knowledge and education of a wine advisor and consultant is a must to choose the best wines and broaden your horizons. Wine consultants and advisors like California Wineries can help you choose the best wines to match your desired flavor profile. By providing you with in-person wine reviews, advisors work with teams of writers, editors, researchers, and travelers to help share a passion for wine with the public.

Develop a personal relationship

One of the best benefits of having a wine advisor is having an ‘in’ to the wine industry. By having a professional know you in the industry, you can have a better chance at having personalized services and speaking with someone who really knows what you like and need. They can make recommendations based on various personal preferences and factors, such as your budget, your daily consumption, your flavor preferences, and your food preferences.

Access to boutique wines and artisan vineyards

If you have only had imported wine, chances are you have only had wine from large-scale corporations and mass-produced vineyards. Instead, a wine consultant can help you by providing knowledge regarding artisan wineries and handmade bottles for a new experience. Instead of having large-scale wine, your wine advisor will recommend bottles from lesser-known areas, different countries, various wine markers, and smaller wineries.

Try new wines

If you are scared to try new wines out of risk you may not like them, don’t worry – a wine consultant will already know your favorite flavor profile and can tailor their suggestions to meet your preferences. Unlike larger wine websites and clubs, a wine consultant has the power of knowing you individually, making sure you can sign up for advice with no commitments and without any risk.

Save money on distributors

Wine can be expensive the more you buy it – especially if you’re buying it from the wrong places. Wine consultants can help you bypass paying extra purchasing costs that you may pay to a distributor. Instead, you will be saving 20-30% and still taste high-quality wine!

Discover a new side of the wine industry

Even if you think you are already an expert in the wine industry, you can always broaden your horizons – a wine consultant can help educate you on a new branch of wine to help you explore new notes, tastes, flavor profiles, countries, and blends.


Wine consultants can help you find the perfect bottle of wine, explore a new realm of the wine industry, and enhance your palate when trying new blends. By working with a team of experts, advisors provide you with education about the wine industry. Hiring a wine advisor helps those who do not know enough about buying wine earn the confidence to try new types of wine.

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