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Halloween is a famous and spooky American tradition that falls on the 31st of every October and is celebrated and intended to bring peace for the dead, trying to make them feel more like normal on a spooky night, where everyone happens to be spooky. After generations evolved and tv and shows kicked in, the idea of Halloween has changed a bit and is exciting in its way.

At this very moment, for the younger generation, Halloween is more of a day with costumes for kids with competitiveness and a social commodity. This article below addresses the main need and purpose of the Halloween festival, the costumes and ideas.

It is very important to keep up the costume game; be it, kids, teenagers or even millennials, Halloween should be celebrated at its very best. After someone hosting a party or decorating their backyard with carved pumpkins and scary lights on the trees, it is important to plan what they would like to be or dress up.

Choose out the costume or the character:

Halloween has recently evolved in ways where individuals choose and try to personalise their character or even pick out a character based on their persona or likes. This gives them the idea of what they would want to be and gives them the incentive to move forward with the following preparations.

Plan a sleepover:

The whole point of Halloween is staying up late waiting for the evil, dressed as the evil. Besides that, trick or treat is always a must every Halloween which means that half of the night could be spent collecting toffees and chocolates. In contrast, the rest of the night could be spent watching the best Halloween movies of all time or listening to evil and haunted stories.

However, it depends on person to person and group to group for what they would prefer doing while spending the night at a sleepover. While most Halloween sleepovers are spent doing this, the rest might prefer reading or baking cookies.


Going on a pre camping trip with a group of friends or family and spending the night in an abandoned forest or hill always seems fun and is the perfect opportunity to explore and get a chance to view something paranormal. These spooking camping trips are widely popular in the west due to their ideology of being unique and fun in their way, perfect for all those daredevil millennials out there.

However, it is highly advised not to plan such trips if an individual knows or is suffering or has a condition of anxiety or frequently gets panic attacks, as the thoughts and environment could be detrimental to an individual’s health, causing serious mishaps.

Simple night out:

It’s always fun to go bar or club hopping while trying out all the assorted dishes on the menu for the special day while taking a few shots and cocktails or some bloody mary and gin. The reason people still go to clubs and bars on a Halloween night is because of the vibrations and music set, making the environment spookily enjoyable and unique from the rest of the ordinary days.

A fancy dress competition for the kids:

This is something to consider if one is an individual who happens to have many kids or be in contact with a lot of kids. Fancy dress competitions always excite many young individuals as they get to be creative with the costumes for kids available. This is a perfect opportunity for all the parents to get their innovative skills out and click some good pictures for memories with all the other kids wearing fancy costumes, dressed as characters or objects.

As funny and charming as it may sound, it doubles up its adorableness during the event, which is why many parents aren’t hesitant to make a move for their kid/kids.

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