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Handy Explores the Wackiest Ways to Enjoy Chocolate


According to Handy, the versatile flavor of chocolate makes it one of the most beloved food products in the world. Kids and adults love it as a candy in the form of dark chocolate and milk chocolate but it also pairs well with milk, cookies, pudding, ice cream, fudge, brownies, smoothies, pie, and the best of all, cakes. The pairing is limited only based on your preferences and creativity. Here are some of the wackiest ways to enjoy chocolate: 

The Ways

  1. Chocolates with green tea – Both chocolates and green tea are known as heart-healthy and antioxidant powerhouses that help to lower blood pressure, fight fatigue, and improve alertness. And, according to a study published by the researchers at the Northern Arizona University, consuming chocolates with green tea can help you improve mental focus and boost your energy levels. Plus, they taste well together too. 

Thus, the next time you feel sleepy in the afternoon but have a lot of work to finish, have a cup of green tea with a square of dark chocolate.

  1. Chocolates with insects – No, we are not talking about the Harry Potter universe here! There are 2,000 species of insects that are edible and are a part of the diet of almost two billion people. Among these, grasshoppers, ants, crickets, and scorpions are the most popular as they are easy to digest, high in protein, and nutritious. And they are available in chocolate-covered forms as well. 

Thus, although Westerners might find it a novel idea to consume creepy-crawlies, it’s normal for plenty of cultures.

  1. Chocolate with hot sauce – Originally, chocolate was a bitter and spicy drink which the Aztecs loved to drink. Sometimes, these ancient men loved to mix alcohol and human blood with it as well. In the modern era, many cultures have strayed from the adult origins but still retain the mix of spices in one form or another. The mix of chocolate with hot sauce is popular because it adds more depth and character to the flavor profile of hot sauce.  
  2. Chocolate with meats – A few years back, many meat lovers rose up to a challenge and began to combine bacon with a variety of food combinations. This also includes chocolate dips or melted chocolates. In fact, some people have also raved about chocolate-dipped meatballs and Slim Jims. However, the tradition is not as new as you think and has its roots in the Aztec tradition. 
  3. Chocolates with mole – The savory sauce known as the mole was developed by the descendants of the Aztecs of Southern Mexico and Central America. It is a chile-based dish that includes spices, hot peppers, fruits, and nuts and is used as a sauce for meats. Chocolate is an essential ingredient of this time-honored and authentic sauce recipe as it helps to balance the fiery chilies and tame the flavor profile. 


Handy suggests you try the wacky food and chocolate combinations mentioned above the next time you crave some chocolate. It’s a great way to try something new and enrich your palate.

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