Mon. May 20th, 2024

There’s no need to keep your plants on the floor. Hanging them by the wall is also an option so that you can enjoy the greenery indoors, and let’s face it, this idea also saves your plants from your pets. Show off your green thumb in style and make your walls visually captivating by hanging plants.

Here are 10 wall hanging plant decor ideas:


  • Rope Wall Planters. Use ropes to hang different plants of your choice on your wall. It’s a very simple, yet, effective approach to make your walls more visually appealing. 



  • Mirrors with Dangling Vines. Have some pentagon-shaped mirrors on your wall and you’ll see that the reflection of the dangling vines from the planters will look divine in your living room. It’s definitely an eye-catching display.



  • Pots on Wooden Board. Try hanging a wooden board on your wall to hold the pots, and you can have a wall planter to grow different herbs. There are different types of pots to choose from but just keep in mind, you have to manage the drainage. 



  • Hanging Metal Rack. If you don’t like wood that much, go for metal! Fix 2 or 3 metal shelves on your wall and you can choose to place the pots on them. For this idea, spilling house plants work best.



  • Pouches for Fake Plants. For those who don’t have the time and energy to maintain plants, this is the perfect idea for you. Put some fake plants in pouches and hang them on your wall to achieve a natural look. 



  • Hanging Containers with Lights. Hang plant containers in a layout of your choice and complement them by using lights. It will highlight your own arrangement and will absolutely make the surrounding area more beautiful.



  • Magnetic Planters on Wall. Not a fan of drills and holes? Use some magnetic plates to hang planters on your walls to grow plants of your choice with ease. You can also count on flexibility because they are very easy to move. This works well with your farmhouse kitchen wall signs.  



  • Plants from the Ceiling. Make sure to determine first the type of container you want to use, and the weight of your planter. You can purchase ceiling hook kits from your local hardware store and ensure they correspond with these. Welcome greenery to your space by hanging multiple plants from your ceiling.



  • Hanging White Planters. For a more minimalistic design, this is the perfect pick. White planters provide a simple but classy touch to your walls. 



  • Macrame Plant Wall Hanger. This is a great option to display fake plants or plant cuttings in glass jars. 


House plants bring a refreshing touch of nature to your house. In order to save some space and eliminate crowded shelves in your homes, try hanging your plants, instead. The best part of it is, whenever you feel a little stressed and just want to be surrounded by nature, you don’t have to go out anymore. Just look up, and bask in the greenery indoors.

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